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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Dressing your naked doors and drawers

Hope ya'll are having a wonderful week! I've had some much needed time off so it's been great catching up on things around the house, and being able to devote more time to blogging.

Last Fall, I did a post on a  Simple Inexpensive Kitchen Upgrade. We removed some outdated shutters and put up a Levolor shade. It really helped to open the space up and bring in more light. With that project down, we decided to add kitchen hardware to some much needed naked drawers and doors.

This project my dad and I tackled back before the holidays and finally, I'd like to share some before and after pics with you. The previous owner had some brushed nickel pulls, but felt an oil rubbed bronze would look so much better on the off-white cabinetry.

Here is our kitchen prior to installing the new hardware. Needs something right??

I originally thought buying these templates at Lowes would help us out, but unfortunately, they didn't quite work for us because of the trim out on all the doors and drawers. We didn't have a flat surface to really line them up so we really had to wing it with a simple tape measure.

There's my good ole dad helping me out! My dad is super handy and I get all my handiness from him. He's taught me quite a bit throughout the years and I love to tackle projects with him when my mom's not keeping him busy at home..which is not too often:)

Originally, I thought I'd go with some Restoration Hardware knobs and pulls, but I couldn't quite get myself to spend that kind of money. The quality of the knobs may be a little bit better compared to others out there on the market, but we're talking knobs and pulls. How often do you have a guest that comes over and says, "Great knobs. The weight of those are the best I've felt in a long time!" Won't happen. Just saying:) 

{1.25" Bistro Knob for a whopping $10 each..don't think so}

So rather than giving my money away, I decided to choose wisely and go with some that were more realistic for what we wanted to spend. Off to Lowes where I found these great knobs and pulls from Gatehouse. It looks like they're no longer available. Sorry guys. They do have some other great options. If I recall correctly, I spent $2.99 each knob and $3.77 on each pull and the quality is great. Much more reasonable I'd say!

{Gatehouse Egg Knob in Oil Rubbed Bronze}

{Gatehouse Center to Center Pull 3", but in Oil Rubbed Bronze}

Now seemingly looks to be an easy project, but for me, I can be a little indecisive and bought a completely different style knob and pull before choosing these. My dad and I installed all those one day, I lived with them for several days, and realized I wasn't crazy about them. I removed them all, picked something I liked better, and was able to return them pretty easily.

And here are the after pictures! What a difference this made. Simple and pretty 
inexpensive little upgrade. 

Thanks so much for stopping by! Are you living with naked cabinet doors? I did for over a year, and it feels so much better now with them dressed!

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