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Friday, April 27, 2012

Mirror..Mirror.. on the wall

Happy Friday my friends!! I've been super busy working on my client's Master Bedroom, and haven't had much time to work on many projects at home lately. This can be a good thing. It's nice to be able to focus my attention on someone else's home. It definitely takes the attention off your own, which is great every now and then. It will consume you, if you let it. Speaking from experience is all.

So I'm all about mirrors today. Months ago, I bought these two mirrors at TJMAXX, and originally planned on using them in my client's master bedroom, similar to doing something like the looks below. We found a leaner mirror instead at Z Gallerie, and so I opted to put them in our master instead, which worked out great.

I've been in love, and adore how mirrors look when they're hung over bedside tables in the bedroom. It brings such added interest and lightness to the bed wall, and I felt ours could use some lightness.

Here are some inspiration pics.

{Image via}

{Image via}

{Image via Houzz}

My mirror for $29.99 from TJ'S.

{Mirror from TJMAXX @ $29.99}


Feeling a little dark in there before....and is the after.


I think it makes a pretty big impact. It definitely added some interest to the bed wall and love the reflection of light now. I'm feeling some nice symmetry.What do you think? It was an easy fix. Feels more complete now. 

Thanks for stopping by and have an awesome weekend!  Chris and I are planning on taking somewhat of a sailing class Saturday. Chris is determined to learn how to sail before we leave for the Bahamas. Hope ya'll have something nice planned, or just looking to take it easy:)

Friday, April 20, 2012

Bookcase Styling and Adding Color

I wanted to share with you and show you what a difference a coat of paint will do for an oh-so drab looking built-in bookcase. When we moved into our home back in August of last year, the built-in bookcase in the den was pretty stark white, as you can see. We weren't sure whether or not we should keep it or get rid of it. We thought opening up that wall and removing the bookcase would give us additional room, but we made it work and kept it. It's a beautiful built-in, and removing it seemed pretty wasteful.

{Before picture of the built-in before we moved in, super white}

When we moved in, we had the painters slap a coat of paint to tone the white down a bit, and that helped out tremendously. We lived with it for awhile, but I always felt it needed something. I've seen some cool ideas for the back of bookcases, and knew we could do something more with it. Just took me some time to get there.

A little too busy for my taste, but love the idea of wallpapering.

{Image via Belle Maison}

Simple and how the color ties into the drapery panels. Love the depth. 

{Image via Decorologist}

Very light and airy. Gives a nice punch of color, and not too dark.

{Image via Southern Living}

Love the idea of stenciling. 

{Image via}

So, here are still some before pictures after we toned the white down. Now, it blends in more with the rest of the room and doesn't stand out like a sore thumb. We went with the color Ash (Low Gloss) from Restoration Hardware to paint the room and bookcase. It's a great neutral, with just the right amount of warmth.

{Before Adding Color}

{Before Adding Color}

So here is how it looks now! Color!! Subtle, but just enough to pop books and accessories. I love to color coordinate my books. I take the book jackets off, and pair up similar color books. This is a great way to not get things looking too busy and creates a nice flow. 
{After Adding Pop of  Color}

Let me know what you think? Did I do ok with the color? I went with Valspar Eggshell, Secret Moss. 
I definitely feel it's exactly what it needed...a little punch of color. 

Have a great weekend and remember...

Monday, April 16, 2012

Client's Master Bedroom Progress

Hope you all had a nice weekend! It's been overcast these last couple days with rain, so Chris and I weren't able to do much outside over the weekend. We typically like to play some tennis or take a nice bike ride around the lake. Oh well, we'll make up for it this week!

I'm excited to share with you today a sneak peek into my client's master bedroom and show ya'll what I've been busy working on. There are actually several rooms we're tackling, including the foyer, dining room,  and daughter's nursery, but we've been focused on finishing up their master bedroom and bath.

They recently moved into a beautiful home and needed some help with a few things. I was thrilled to help!! I've known these folks for a pretty long time now, and they've been trusting me for years:) Love them both and amazing to work with!!

So here are some before pictures! 

{Master Bath}
{Master Bath}
{Master Bedroom}

{Master Bedroom dresser we're removing}

{Master Bedroom dresser we're keeping}

{Master Bedroom Ceiling}

We knew the first thing we had to do was come up with a new color scheme for the master bedroom. The original walls were a builder grade taupe that needed to go. Nothing is worse than a whole house of taupe. The ceiling though was a beautiful gray we wanted to keep, and the master bath was painted that same gray. It was key to pull both the master and bath colors together for a nice flow between the two rooms.

Secondly, they had recently bought their bedroom furniture and bedding, which they knew they wanted to incorporate into the new design and keep. Black bedding I've learned can be tricky. It can look very dark and heavy. Finding some other bedding to help tone the black down and lighten things up a bit was an area of main focus. I've been working towards pairing it with some other bedding that is lighter.

Finally, we needed to remove some of the furniture and incorporate a nice chair or chaise into the room for reading or lounging. We started with two dressers. One they never use, and one the T.V. sits on. We opted to remove the long dresser, and play around with furniture placement for the other.

We're so close to getting things finished up. Walls have been painted, but still needing a few things. My goal is to have the room complete by first of May. Wish me luck!!

Here is my list of some of the things to get this room finished up and beautified!!

1. New euro pillows and throw pillows for bed
2. Silverish coverlet (not easy to find)
3. Possibly new lamps or new shades, preferably a gray shade (not easy to find ya'll)
4. Chair or chaise
5. Large leaner mirror for wall
6. Drapery and hardware
7. New ceiling fan

{What is that little window doing??}

I'd love to hear your feedback as far as what you think about the room. We've been stumped though by this small window, which really serves no purpose. We're not sure what the builder was thinking when they put this random window in. I was going to leave it alone, and just dress the other large window. I think ultimately, it just needs to be closed up. It would be nice to have the same size window in it's place as the other. What a brilliant idea Mr. Builder!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great Monday!!!

Monday, April 9, 2012

What Inspires You??

Happy Monday!! Hope you had a great weekend and a Happy Easter. 

Last Friday my parents and I went to the Kimbell Art Museum to see the new exhibit, Age of Impressionism. It inspired me so much that I got my paints and brushes out yesterday and started painting. It's been over two years or so since I touched my paints. It felt great to paint again, and maybe I'll get back into a painting class. It's sad how life can take over sometimes, and the things you enjoy the most, tend to get lost somewhere. It's easy to say, "I'm too busy", or "Just don't have the time." Excuses, excuses, right?  I know it's about making the time, and that I need to start doing. It's another outlet I enjoy and with painting, it takes me away from everything.

Here is my little version of Monet's Water Lilies. I enjoyed getting paint on my face of course and on my pants. It the usual for me....I'm a messy painter I guess:)  

{Pretty Lilies}

Here are a couple paintings I did here in the last 3 years or so. I really love oils, but also use acrylic too. 

{Portrait of our cat Kitty}

{Painting I did for my dad}

What are some things that inspire you?? Is there something that you love to do, but just can't 
seem to find the time to do it??

I'd love to hear about it. Tootles for now:)

Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Good Friday!

Happy Good Friday! It's been a week of crazy weather and then a string of some beautiful days here! I hope everyone has some time planned with family this weekend or spending time with those you love. I'm off today with the folks to go see the new exhibit at the Kimbell Art Museum, The Age of Impressionism. Looking forward to seeing beautiful art by some of my favorites, Claude Monet and Renoir.

I LOVE the mixing of the colors and the beautiful brushstrokes..they made it look so effortless. 
The colors are very fitting for a beautiful Easter weekend!

{Monet Weeping Willow}

{Renoir Orsman at Chatou}

{Renoir  In the Meadow}

{Monet Bouquet of Sunflower}

Wishing you a wonderful day! Happy Good Friday and Happy Easter!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Russell Annual Crab Boil!!

I wanted to share with you our family tradition we have every year. It's the Russell Annual Crab Boil my parents host and it's always a blast. We've been doing it now for several years and always a fun time! My sister, Danielle, and her boyfriend Tim join in the festivities, and usually my nieces and nephew are there, but they didn't make it this year. My great niece, Gaby, who will turn 2 this year got to partake in the fun for the first time. We always have the neighbors, Dave and Debbie, and sometimes their kids, Victoria and Wyatt.

It's always a full house. Some past crab boils. 

{Full House}

{Chris loves that wine, as do I}

{Lots of food}

{We love to eat!}

The shindig was this past Saturday and it's always a production. Mom wanted to invite the whole world initially, but luckily we had some folks who declined last minute. She ended up being A-OK with the turn out.  Even though we like to think of it as an easy meal, it never is, and usually turns into a circus. At one point, Chris started humming the circus music and the whole family joined in.

It's a lot of preparation, but so worth it. The best time is spent with family and friends. I have a feeling the next one will be held at our place:) I think mom and dad have hosted plenty and it's time for the Chris and I to take the reins and host the next one. Bring on the family circus!!

This Year's Feast!

{Mom and my sister Danielle}

{My parents next store neighbor Dave and Chris} 

{How 'bout those chairs??}

(My great niece, Gabriella}

{Such a sweetie}

{Let's add some spice!}

{Sugar, my parents little butterball}

{Circus music playing at this point}

{Bring on the potatoes and corn}

{Tim stirring the pot of crab and shrimp}

{Umm Umm Good}

I know some of ya'll can relate to some family circus fun times!! Welcome to mine:)

Hope ya'll are having a great week!! We've had some crazy weather in Dallas today, but seems like things are now settling down. 


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