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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Cozy Home Interiors Christmas Tour

Christmas is a week from today! Can't believe it. We got back from vacation last Saturday and it was so nice to get away from the holiday craziness this time of year. I'm trying to avoid the stores as much as possible and did some online shopping yesterday.

I didn't go crazy with Christmas decor this year. I wanted to add to what we've had and add a little bit of color! I found some beautiful turquoise glass ornaments at TJ MAXX. This gave me the punch I was looking for and also found some fun blue and green ornaments at Hobby Lobby. I wanted to incorporate some mercury glass and found a nice set at Target. I went ahead and purchased a wreath for the front door and tied the bells and glass M ornament to the front to personalize it a bit more.

Without breaking the bank, the simples changes have made a huge difference! It's nice to change things up a bit when you can. I thought I would have to reinvent it all, but I really tried working with what we already had and incorporate the new things I purchased. Also, pinecones are a great addition this time of year and something you can use all year round. I used some pinecones I bought for Thanksgiving and added gold glitter to some of them for Christmas. These are great for filling in space on a mantel or buffet. Nice look and super inexpensive.

Thanks for stopping by!! Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday this season! Enjoy each other and the time you have together.


Monday, December 1, 2014

Sparkle and Shine, It's Lea's First Birthday!

I can't believe our little squiggly is one year old! This past year has been a whirlwind and we've come a long way since we first brought her home. She is such a ray of sunshine and has brought a ton of laughter, smiles, and joy to our lives. Such a personality and I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate her first birthday than with a  "SPARKLE and SHINE" theme birthday party.

I had such a great time planning her birthday party and so glad I got a head start on it. I'm a big fan of Pinterest! It's a great resource, but it can be a curse. You look for inspiration and before you know it, you've pinned over 100 ideas and want to do everything. I don't know if that sounds like you or not, but for me, it can be exhausting. I did attempt to do it all and almost killed myself. But, I did have a blast in the process and was able to get my creative juices flowing. I had so much fun getting crafty and loved seeing it all come together.

{Gold Balloon: Sweet Lulu, Tissue Tassel: Etsy, One Onesie: Etsy, Pettiskirt: Etsy, Leggings: Old Navy,
Polka Dot Socks: HM, Sparkle Sneakers: Buy Buy Baby}

{Balloons: Sweet Lulu, Streamers: Walmart and Party City}

Starting a new birthday tradition and decorated her bedroom door the morning of her birthday.

{Made by Grandma Ni Ni}

Welcomed guests with this wreath my mom made. My mom made it to put on our front door after she was born and now her first birthday, changing up the design for each occasion.

{Sparkle and Shine Print: Etsy, Gold Polka Dot Wrapping Paper: Paper Source}

A friend loaned this beautiful "1" made from cardboard and cupcake baking cups. It made a great backdrop for the favor table in the entry.

The tray I repurposed and spray painted gold and added the gold glitter ribbon at the bottom to dress it up. I came up with the idea of the pinwheels and found a store on etsy who was able to custom make these with the gold glitter paper tying into my "Sparkle and Shine" theme.

{Gold Sparkle Pinwheels: Etsy, Signage: Etsy, Mixed Ribbons: Joann's, Clear Bags: Michael's, Jelly Belly's: Candy Store}

I played around with the idea on how to package the pinwheels and came up with the idea of using Jelly Belly's in her party colors to weigh the bag down so that the pinwheels could stand up alone. Finished it off with a ribbon and a tag. I found the saying on Pinterest somewhere and a shop on Etsy helped me customize these, along with some other signage for her party.

{Flower Poms: Etsy, Confetti Paper Garland: Etsy}

You can never go wrong with flower poms! They are such a great way to dress up a room for a party. I left making these to a professional who I've used before for Lea's flower poms in her nursery. She did a fantastic job, as usual, and highly recommend her shop on Etsy. I selected the colors and sizes I wanted, and she is super accommodating, and sends color samples for you to look at before purchasing. I loved the whimsy effect of the confetti garland and strung that on the chandelier over the dining table. 

I found this great idea on Pinterest, yet again. Take a print of your child's hand and footprint each year and have guests leave a birthday wish. I thought it would be fun to start another birthday tradition, and start building a scrapbook of photos from all her birthdays.

{Glitter Vase: DIY, Gold frame: Walmart, Signage: Etsy, Mini Birthday Hat: Etsy,
Polka Dot Wrapping Paper: Paper Source}

I loved the idea of the mason jars with glitter, but instead, found these glass vases at Home Goods. They were $2.50 each, so opted to use these instead. They worked perfect. Sprayed the outside of the vase with gold spray paint, and then used superfine gold glitter and clear modge podge to get the glitter to stick. So much fun to make!! The mini birthday hat was a great find on Etsy. Made for great photos and was able to customize it in her birthday colors. I found some great wrapping paper at Paper Source in the gold and white polka dots, and got the idea to use it as a table runner. A nice and inexpensive way to add some interest to your table if you don't want to use a tablecloth. Oh, and can't forget my $3.00 frame I found at Walmart.

{Printable Chalkboard Artwork: Etsy, Easel: Tuesday Morning}

I loved the chalkboard idea and had to do this for Lea. So much fun!

{ONE Letters: DIY- Inspiration came from Etsy, Paper Confetti: DIY}

Yet again, inspiration again came from Pinterest. Originally, thought to buy these, but they were super easy to make. I bought the letters at Joann's and then used glitter and spray paint. The glitter dots I made by using a circular hole punch and glued them on. I looked up tutorials and video on DIY glitter letters and found step by step how-to videos. I also used the hole punch and made the confetti using glitter and colored  paper card stock.

{Tissue Garland Tassel: DIY, Signage: Etsy, Monthly Photos: DIY}

The fireplace was a great place to display her monthly pictures. I backed each picture with glitter card stock and made the number tags with a cloud shape hole punch, stickers, glitter, and glue. I secured each picture with a gold glitter clothespin and hung them to a ribbon. I found another DIY tutorial and made the tissue garland to dress up the fire screen and add some additional color.  Just a little tip.. when making the tissue paper garland, don't use scissors if you don't have too. My first round of streamers looked awful... all jagged and uneven. I bought a rotary cutter at Joann's, and they looked so much better. Plus, saved so much time! 

Balloons always seem to bring it all together. I went with light pink, hot pink, aqua, and gold. 

{HB Banner: DIY, Tissue Garland: DIY, Glitter ONE: DIY, Tissue Poms: Etsy}

I loved the idea of a banner and after pricing them out on Etsy, I decided to make my own. I found card stock and these gold glitter letters at Michaels, and started cutting. Was pretty easy to make and love how it turned out. 

{Tissue Paper Tassel: DIY, Sparkle ONE Letters: DIY}

The tissue paper garland and the glitter "ONE" I made to dress up her highchair. I made a stencil of the letters "ONE" and tied it using gold string. When placing my order for the flower poms, I had her send extra sheets of tissue paper so I didn't have to worry about trying to find matching tissue paper

{Pinterest Inspired Birthday 1: Printstagram}

This was one of my favorite things to put together. I want to keep this up year round. Need to think of a creative way to display them and keep adding to it each year for her birthday. 

I bought 5 rolls of each streamer color and ended up using not even one roll of each color. I liked the idea of having some streamers, but not totally overdoing it. Plus, it was already 9:00 and Chris and I were both beat.  Bed was calling our name!! I added the flower poms in here as well.

{Glitter Candle: Etsy, Cake and Cupcakes: Cake Carousel}

Cake and cupcakes!! So yummy. I thought about making my own cake, but time was of the essence. Turned out so yummy and Lea loved it. I definitely enjoyed it too. 

{Cupcake Heart Toppers: DIY}

The wrapping paper came in super handy! I used the wrapping paper to also dress up the cupcake tower and super glued the gold ribbon to the edges. I topped the cupcakes with the heart cupcake toppers using toothpicks and a heart hole punch.


Food menu consisted of tea sandwiches, veggie platter, pigs in a blanket, party cheese ball, fruit salad, and a baked brie with orange marmalade and nuts. Was just enough food for an early afternoon party.

{Cups: Party City, Gold Scallop Cups: Sweet Lulu, Gold Polka Dot Napkins: Paper Source, Straws: Tuesday Morning}

The gal who did all the signage for me, also customized this great banner for me. I found the idea and she did the artwork for me. Just gave her the size I wanted and had it printed at Staples. I also used Staples to print the chalkboard sign as well. They did a great job!!

Let’s just say, best thing ever and worth every penny. I didn’t know they made bounce houses for small toddlers until I started looking. The kids loved it!

The day couldn’t have been more perfect celebrating with our friends and family. Their first birthdays are pretty special. Such a fun time, and by the look of this picture, I know Lea had a blast and that makes me happy!!


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