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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Closet Reinvention: Master Bedroom Closets Part 2

Hope your having a great weekend! Here to bring you Closet Reinvention: Tackling our Master Bedroom Closets Part 2! Unfortunately, I forgot to take before pics prior to emptying my closet, Poo! Here are the afters! I's a little bit bigger than Chris's closet, but he was totally cool with me having more room...ha, ha, ha!

{Image via}

{Image via}

Recognize this one?? It's Lisa Vanderpump's from Real Housewives. It would be a dream to have a closet like this, and I would love to never worry again about what I was going to wear, but I don't think a $100,000 dollar closet is necessary. Maybe I'm CRAZY to think that, but I have a feeling most of ya'll agree with me. Excessive..YES. Beautiful..YES! I can appreciate it, but for majority of us, we make due with what we have, big or small.

I am pretty proud and loving my new and improved, organized closet!  Before, I had tons of plastic shoe boxes, and a shoe rack that hung on my door, which held about 6 shoes. Problem was I couldn't see what shoes I had, and the shoe rack was pretty dinky . I also had two bars to hang clothes on and the way my closet was set up, I was losing space.

Overall, it was an awful design and after California Closets quoted me $1,200 dollars, I knew I had to do something myself. After my dad worked with me on the first one, I felt confident I could handle this one by myself. All I needed to do was hang a clothes bar, and add an extra shelf. Borrowing my dad's air gun was key too!!

Here are some pics of the Before and Afters.

{Front Center Before}

{Left Side of Closet- Notice extra random board I wasn't using and all the wasted space.}

{Right Side of Closet- I thought this would be a great spot to hang a bar.}

{Fresh coat of paint always helps.}

{Added the closet bar from Home Depot to hang additional clothes.}

{Perfect spot for Marilyn}

{Never thought about using this belt holder for a necklace holder before.}

{I had my purses in a container bin, but now I can see what I have. I also added the second
shelf to store seasonal shoes.}

{Organized from tank tops to long sleeve shirts and grouped similar colors together.}

{I hung all my pants on one bar, which again, I can now see what I have and added the shelf
that wasn't being used to store baskets on.}

{Bought these to put my belts and scarves in at Container Store.}

This over door shoe rack really made all the difference in the world. It can hold 36 shoes, which is amazing and was worth every penny!!

{Over Door Shoe Rack from Container Store}

{Overdoor Shoe Rack $29.99  Found Here}

So, there it is! I wish I had the before pictures to show ya'll how much of a difference the extra shelf, additional clothing bar, and the shoe rack all made. Pretty amazing transformation and I can't tell you how good it feels now that it's completely organized and I can see what I own. What a concept:)

Sometimes you have to live with things before you're able to see how things can be improved. It doesn't happen overnight. It took me almost 2 years to make sense of our closets.

Do your closets make sense?? Organization doesn't have to cost tons of $$$$$$$!

Have a great weekend!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Closet Reinvention: Tackling our Master Bedroom Closets Part 1

Happy Monday friends! Last week I decided to figure out some kind of a solution to fix our issue with our bedroom closets without spending $1,200.00. Yes, that's right, California Closets wanted $1,200.00 to just do one closet! It's not even a walk in! Thanks, but no thanks.

Finally put my mind to it, and figured out a pretty simple solution for a MUCH cheaper cost. Chris and I have separate closets. Both are limited in space, and we really needed to maximize the space we had. There was a lot of wasted space at the top, and the boards were warped making it hard to hang clothes onto the rack without hitting the top shelf.

 Here are some before pictures.

{Bottom of Closet}

{Top Right Corner of Closet}

{Left Wall of Closet}

{Top Left Corner of Closet}

{Front of Closet}

What do you think? Looks pretty darn bad. No sense of organization. Piles and piles of t-shirts and clothes piled up with no sense of place or purpose. I felt pretty bad for Chris, and I know it was starting to drive him nuts.



I went back and forth on whether or not to paint the closets, but since I had everything pulled out, why not. It was a fleshy neutral color that drove me nuts anyway, so I decided to paint it the same color as our bathroom, Restoration Hardware Stone. And lucky for me, I had an extra unopened gallon in the garage.


This part I definitely needed my dad to lend a hand. He has some great tools and saws that we used to cut down the MDF boards to the sizing we needed. Home Depot has these MDF white boards that are perfect for building shelves. They are already primed and come in various sizes. You can also have them cut there at Home Depot if need be. 

{We added a support beam to put under the main shelf which was key. Didn't have one previously.}

{We also added a shelf above the main shelf, which before was just wasted space.}

{The nail gun was also a must have. A little scary at first but made it super easy.}

{We also used wood glue to put on the back of the support beams and then sealed the edges with a painter's acrylic.}

{We were going to hang crate shelves, but didn't after all. Now that's a bit!}


{Of course I had to color coordinate his shirts}

{Left Side of Closet}

{Right Side of Closet.}


If there is one thing that is totally worth the money, it's an Elfa Storage Unit from Container Store. Let's just say I've had the same one that my parents bought me in High School and has been with me ever since. It's such a versatile unit and has worked in every dorm/apartment I've lived in. You can customize what height you need and width of baskets.


I feel it's a great improvement from what he had and I know he is enjoying it more. He can now actually see what he has. Now with his done, there was no way I could leave mine a mess.

Will have that one for you later this week! 


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