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Friday, August 1, 2014

Installing FLOR Carpet Tiles for Lea's New Playroom

Happy Friday and August!! I've been working on transforming our "Sitting Nook" area into Lea's new playroom. It hasn't been a room that we've really used, and lately it's been more of a storage room..hence the exercise ball, the swing she no longer uses, and the vacuum. It will be a great space for baby Lea to play and keep all her toys in! It's crazy how toys can accumulate so quickly!

{Sitting Nook Before}

To begin, I did some searching around and I found these great carpet tiles at FLOR. They are perfect for kids! They are individual, carpet tiles and if one gets dirty, they are easily replaceable and easy to clean. Just hose the individual tile down if it's really bad or spot clean. Can't get easier than that. I bought enough tiles plus a few extra to make an 8' x 10' rug, and the installation was super quick and easy. You have the option of cutting these to fit your room, but I opted to create an area rug and keep it simple.

{Image via}

{Image via}

I loved designing the rug and picking out the colors. On their website, you're able to design the carpet and see how it will look. I'm a visual person, so this was very helpful. We have a store in Dallas and I was able to bring some samples home with me to make sure I liked the colors in the space. I tried a couple options before deciding on this design layout and colors.

{Flor design program allows you to design your carpet and visually see how it will look.}

{Program will calculate the number of tiles you need for the size you want. Takes the guess work out for you.}

{Count your tiles to make sure you have the correct amount.}

{Find the center of the room and work out from there.}

{Start laying out your tiles and wait to adhere the stickers until you have the tiles placed. Hubby makes a good helper!}

{You'll want to purchase a couple extra tiles just to have for an emergency.}

Once you have placed the tiles exactly where you want them, it's now time to start sticking the tiles down to the floor using these stickers. Nothing is permanent in this process (unless you are cutting your carpet tiles) so don't worry. You can adjust the tiles if need be and move pieces around.

{Registration marks help make lining pieces up easy.}

{Lea says, "Let's play daddy!!"}

I'm so happy we went this direction. The whole process was really fun and allows you to get creative. It's the start to a fun, cheerful room we can all enjoy playing in!

Have a great weekend!!


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