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Friday, March 30, 2012

Office Complete: Before and After

Well, the office is complete! Man, does it feel so much better! It all started with a much need to get our office  functional than what it's been. With Chris needing his space to work in the evenings, and myself needing my own, we had a design dilemma and we were ready for the challenge!

Here are some before pictures of the room. The yellow walls were pretty yellow. We had a dining room table as our desk, no storage space, and a large bookcase that was unappealing to the eye.

It was time to get this room whipped into shape! I was inspired by some images I found online. I love the idea of having the two desks as shown below.

{Image via The Weekend Homemaker}

{Image via Young House Love}

I shopped around quite a bit looking for desks and desk components. Everything we looked at was so darn expensive. We didn't want to pay a fortune and when I spotted this at IKEA, I knew it was perfect for our space!!!

{EXPEDIT Desk $50.00}

{EXPEDIT Shelving Unit $69.99}

{EXPEDIT Workstation $119.99}

{MICKE Filing Drawer $59.00}

At those prices, you can't beat it. It worked out perfectly and I love how everything really came together. I painted the walls Van Courtland Blue. Originally a Benjamin Moore color, but was able to find in the Glidden paint library at Home Depot. I bought the Duo Paint (paint with primer) and used not even a full gallon for this room. Pretty amazing!! It's a great blue for a study and I chose orange to accent with.

{She's a happy kitty:)}

As as far as the unappealing bookcase my husband couldn't part with, I moved that into the closet. We met in the middle with this one and it worked out! It's a better home for it in there and I stacked our plastic bins together. Now there's a place for everything.

We love our new study and so happy with how things turned out. I love having my own area where I can do my own thing. I love being able to get on the computer anytime of day to blog, PIN, FB, or just loose track of time. So easy to do. He loves having his area where he can keep random papers out laying around for days or weeks at a time, and can get on his computer when he comes home, not to find me hogging it up:)

Here is the source list just in case your curious where I purchased some things:
1. EXPEDIT Desks (2)
2. EXPEDIT Bookcase (1)
3. MICKE Filing Drawers (2)
4. World Market Drapery Panels (2)
5. World Market Orange Pillow (1)
6. Staples Cork and Marker Board
7. Ikea Desk Lamps (2)
8. Ikea Plastic Mats (2)
9. Office Depot Chairs (2)
10. Orange Pot and Fern Local Nursery
11. Home Depot Paint Glidden Duo Eggshell "Van Courtland Blue"
12. Other furniture and accessories I had
13. Rescued Kitty Priceless

I would love to hear about your office space? How it's working or not working out? The new office has done wonders for Chris and I. It's super functional now, and the best part, it didn't cost a fortune. AMEN!
Have a great weekend!! 

Monday, March 26, 2012

I'm on a search, all things orange today

Today, I am on a search for all things ORANGE. This past week we revamped our study and I'm excited to show you how it turned out! What a difference paint and some furniture at IKEA made. There are a few things I need to get it finished up before I post after pics. Looking for some great curtains, a pillow, and decorative orange accents to finish up the room. I thought a burnt orange would be a great complimentary color to the blue we selected. 

Whatcha think?? Headed to World Market today it looks like!

{World Market Pillow @ 26.99}

{World Market Pillow @ 19.99}

We selected a  Benjamin Moore color, Van Courtland Blue. I actually brought a BM swatch into Home Depot and they had the knock off color in Glidden already in the system. I'll take it!!! I couldn't be more happy with how the color turned out. It's a great color for a study or even a bedroom. It's definitely a bluish-gray. Has just enough of each tone in there. Highly recommend this blue!! 

{Benjamin Moore Van Courtland Blue}
{Gray-Blue Tones}

I read some great psychological effects about the color "Blue" and here is what I found. The blue you select will really make a difference how all these factors play out. When in doubt, get a sample of the color and get it up on your walls first. Lots of options out there. 

Psychology of Blue

1. Blue calls to mind feelings of calmness or serenity. 
2. It is often described as peaceful, tranquil, secure and orderly. 
3. It can also create feelings of sadness or aloofness.
4. Blue is often used to decorate offices because research has shown that people are more productive in blue. 
5. It can also lower the pulse rate and body temperature. 
6. Blue has a soothing quality about it that makes people feel relaxed and comfortable. 
7. Stimulates creativity. 

{Resource from 11eleven-life blogspot}

Well, wish me luck in my search today for all things orange. I can't wait to show you how the study turned out and get your feedback on everything. Will have the afters I'm planning to post this week. 

Have a great day! Happy Monday!!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

What you may not, or may already know about me....

I received a message the other day from one of my favorite new blogging buddies, Samm @ Little House in the Big D. If you haven't dropped by her blog yet, please do. She and her husband live in Dallas and recently bought a fixer upper. They share some fun projects and I love seeing the transformations.

So, Samm passed on a fun questionnaire for me to answer about myself for my blogging pals out there. It's a fun way of getting to know me a little bit better. You may be surprised at what you find out:) I in turn pass it on to my new pals I'd like to learn more about. So here we go! 

1. What's your favorite meal?? 
I'm a simple girl and I love to eat. I definitely can say my favorite meal has been and still to this day, a cheeseburger. I'm always searching to find a rowdy burger. 


2. If you could only listen to three music albums for the rest of your life, what would they be and why?
1. Dirty Dancing Soundtrack. One of my all time favorite movies! Takes me back to my childhood years. Love to reenact and pretend I'm Baby.


2. Dave Matthews Band, Crash Into Me. Great album, never gets old. Reminds me of my high school days. 


3. Anything from the 80's! I am crazy about all 80's music. I grew up with an older sister (5 years+) and she was always blasting metal/hairband music. I'm now hooked for life. I LOVE Motley Crue, Cinderella, Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, and Metallica. I love to rock out and crank my radio LOUD!


3. What is your favorite item in your closet? 
I don't really have one actually. I'm all about comfort, so if I had to say one thing, it would be my jeans or PINK sweatpants. I actually really hate shopping for clothes. I'm pretty indecisive and never know what to get.

4. Last time I cried?
I easily get choked up. Likely Bachelorette or something cheesy. Doesn't take much sometimes.

5. Favorite TV Show of all time?
Come on knock on my door, we've been waiting for you...Three's Company! You said of all come you never see reruns of that show?? Jack Tripper, Janet and the original Mr. Farley and Crissy days. Loved her snort.

6. Favorite Movie? 
Sixteen Candles.. Donger need food! I love Long Duck Dong and FINE! I can watch it over and over again. Also, Man in the Moon. It was Reese Witherspoon's first movie. I remember the first time I watched it. I finished it and watched it over again. Such a sweet, but sad movie. Get your tissues.

7. What would your dream vacation be?? 
A trip around the world would be nice. I'd like to take 2 years to just travel. Can dream right?? That would be AWESOME! I love to travel. My husband and I like to take vacays that are a little off the beaten track.

8. Describe your personality in three words?
Creative, Easy-Going, Compassionate

9. What is the one make-up item you absolutely have to have on your face everyday?
My Smashbox Tinted Moisturizer. Gives you the moisturizer and some added color. I tend to get pasty white and this helps.

10. Dream dinner party guest list (living or dead)?
I would have to say the young, Elvis Presley. I would love to see him sing.


I'd like to meet Thomas Jefferson. He was so smart and so inventive in his time. How did he do it all? Did he sleep ever?? If your ever in Charlottesville, VA, stop by his plantation there. So pretty. Really sets you back in time.


I would love to meet Claude Monet. What it must have been like to be a traveling artist in his day. Traveling Europe and painting for a living. What a life.


I'd love to meet Marilyn Monroe too. So powerful in her prime. If only she knew it.


11. Why did you start blogging? 
I started blogging about a year ago. I was living in Virginia and had lots of time on my hands. I had someone send my a link to Hooked on Houses. I read Julia's blog for awhile and started finding other blogs along the way that I really enjoyed. I felt I had a lot in common with so many of the bloggers and was inspired to start one of my own. I wanted in on the fun and this was my opportunity to do something just for me. It was the creative outlet I needed. A way for me to share my projects with others and be inspired by others. A way of connecting with others. It's given me something of my own, something I'm proud of. You can put your whole self into it or as little as you want. The cool thing about blogging is that it's YOURS and YOURS only. If your thinking about starting one, do it! You have nothing to lose, only to gain.

Thank you Samm for thinking of me and passing along this questionnaire! I had so much fun with this. I hope you all had just as much fun reading this as I did answering the questions.

So now, I would like to TAG some of my newest Blogging Buddies to answer the questionnaire. Looking forward to getting to know YOU better!

Katie @ Necomb Home

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Loving my new prints from One King's Lane

A couple years ago, I bought this great picture at TJ Maxx (bottom right of the dragonfly). I loved the image, the frame, everything about it. It definitely spoke to me. I remember only wishing there were others that went along with this one. I bought the one and I made it work into a collage in my guest  bedroom.

{Dragonfly pic from TJ Maxx}

About a month ago, browsing through my daily emails from One Kings Lane, I saw the SAME picture, but it was a WHOLE SERIES of them. Different prints. I was couldn't believe it!! I was super excited and made a made dash to checkout quickly. I had the perfect place for them...the laundry room.

{Before pic, previous owner}

As you can see, we have this huge wall and no windows. I painted the room Restoration Hardware's staple color, Silver Sage.Granted we're just talking the laundry room, but this is the room we enter first through the garage. It's the first room you see, so I wanted it to feel inviting and warm when you walk in. 

{After painting}

{My new prints I'm lovin'}

The pics were meant to be! If you haven't been to One King's Lane, stop by. They carry anything and everything for your home at great prices. Some deals are better than others:)

Thanks for stopping by today! Almost Friday!!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Proud Recipient of the LIEBSTER BLOG AWARD!!

I'm feeling pretty good thanks to Kari @ Big Plans Little Victories. She awarded me with the LIEBSTER BLOG AWARD and I feel pretty honored. Please stop by and say hello!! What a beautiful family:)

{German word meaning "dearest or beloved"}

It's an award in the blogging community given to an up and coming blog, having less than 200 followers. Kari liked what she saw and I'm so thrilled. One of the many reasons I love blogging. This community of bloggers is amazing. So supportive of each other and I genuinely feel the love!! So thank you! In return, I then nominate 5 blogs to receive the Liebster Blog Award. How fun is this!!

Official Rules:

1. Choose FIVE UP AND COMING blogs to pass the award onto. 
2. Show a BIG THANKS to the blogger who gave the award to you by linking back to them.
3. Post the AWARD on your blog. List the bloggers you are giving the award to with links to their site. 

Blogs I'm digging and would like to honor as well are...Drum roll... please....

1. Lori @ Color It Simple. I love your outlook on life and your faith! Very inspiring...and I do happen to LOVE your REPURPOSED CHAIR!

2. Tonya @ My Cozy Little Farmhouse. I'm digging on anything "Cozy" and I love your attitude. Great sense of humor!!!  I love your post on , "What Makes A Home". I'm all about keeping it cozy!!

3. Monica & Elaine @ Decorating Insanity also known as the Vintage Chicks!! I love your repurposed furniture and your link party called Furniture Friday! Will be checking that one out this week. This screen is 
awesome! I would love one for my living room:)

4. Tricia @ Seeking Eco-Chic. I love your "Tips of the Day" section. Really good stuff. Also, pretty darn creative I must say!! Great step-by-step homemade Chevron rug! I need to make me one. 

5. Sarah @ Savvy Young Something. All us married with or without kids are showing you the love!! Lucky you have such a good head on your shoulders and going after what you want!! I think that's awesome. Follow your passion!!! Loving this desk and grown up chair:)

There they are!! Congratulations ya'll and keep doing what your doing!!! 
Thank you again Kari for the honor!

I have been blogging less than a year and consistently for the last 6 months or so. This is the creative outlet I so desperately needed. It's given me such an awesome opportunity to connect with 
so many wonderful, inspiring people! 

Your Friend,

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Jazzing up your front entry for Spring..It's almost here!

Spring has arrived..on my calendar at least. I've been dying to fix up my front porch and with the weather being so nice, I finally put my mind to it, and got it done.

I was inspired last week when I saw this wreath on Pinterest. I love this natural look. It can go all summer long and you don't have to worry about changing it out, which I love.

{image via}

I stopped into Hobby Lobby on Saturday and picked up some floral, green moss, spray adhesive, monogram letter, and green tulle. I had the grapevine wreath and fern already. Total cost @ Hobby Lobby.. $30.00. Not bad.

I spent about 45 minutes putting it together. I think the spray adhesive really helped out on time. I didn't have to mess with a glue gun, which saved a lot of mess and burnt fingers:)

I'm pretty excited how it turned out. Makes such a big difference to the front door and really personalizes it with the monogram letter. Very cozy:) Thanks Lindsay for the idea!!

With the wreath done, I drove on over to Calloway's and picked up this real pretty pot, cypress, and a couple flowers. Will be nice for this summer. I typically do containers of flowers, but to keep maintenance low, this one will be all I need. I can just change out flowers in the front when the time comes and keep the spruce trimmed. The green pot really brightens things up. Between the wreath and the container, I spent under $100.00. What a deal!!

It's really a shame that we drive up to our house through the alley and miss out on walking up through our front door. It's not everywhere in Dallas, but many homes you drive through the back and into your garage to get in. Miss that about Jersey. Miss having a driveway. Weekly, I'll do a drive-by to take a look at the front of our home and make sure it's still standing:)

Thanks for stopping by!! Hopefully your able to decorate your front entry soon for Spring.
 I'd love to hear about it. 


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