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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Dressing your naked doors and drawers

Hope ya'll are having a wonderful week! I've had some much needed time off so it's been great catching up on things around the house, and being able to devote more time to blogging.

Last Fall, I did a post on a  Simple Inexpensive Kitchen Upgrade. We removed some outdated shutters and put up a Levolor shade. It really helped to open the space up and bring in more light. With that project down, we decided to add kitchen hardware to some much needed naked drawers and doors.

This project my dad and I tackled back before the holidays and finally, I'd like to share some before and after pics with you. The previous owner had some brushed nickel pulls, but felt an oil rubbed bronze would look so much better on the off-white cabinetry.

Here is our kitchen prior to installing the new hardware. Needs something right??

I originally thought buying these templates at Lowes would help us out, but unfortunately, they didn't quite work for us because of the trim out on all the doors and drawers. We didn't have a flat surface to really line them up so we really had to wing it with a simple tape measure.

There's my good ole dad helping me out! My dad is super handy and I get all my handiness from him. He's taught me quite a bit throughout the years and I love to tackle projects with him when my mom's not keeping him busy at home..which is not too often:)

Originally, I thought I'd go with some Restoration Hardware knobs and pulls, but I couldn't quite get myself to spend that kind of money. The quality of the knobs may be a little bit better compared to others out there on the market, but we're talking knobs and pulls. How often do you have a guest that comes over and says, "Great knobs. The weight of those are the best I've felt in a long time!" Won't happen. Just saying:) 

{1.25" Bistro Knob for a whopping $10 each..don't think so}

So rather than giving my money away, I decided to choose wisely and go with some that were more realistic for what we wanted to spend. Off to Lowes where I found these great knobs and pulls from Gatehouse. It looks like they're no longer available. Sorry guys. They do have some other great options. If I recall correctly, I spent $2.99 each knob and $3.77 on each pull and the quality is great. Much more reasonable I'd say!

{Gatehouse Egg Knob in Oil Rubbed Bronze}

{Gatehouse Center to Center Pull 3", but in Oil Rubbed Bronze}

Now seemingly looks to be an easy project, but for me, I can be a little indecisive and bought a completely different style knob and pull before choosing these. My dad and I installed all those one day, I lived with them for several days, and realized I wasn't crazy about them. I removed them all, picked something I liked better, and was able to return them pretty easily.

And here are the after pictures! What a difference this made. Simple and pretty 
inexpensive little upgrade. 

Thanks so much for stopping by! Are you living with naked cabinet doors? I did for over a year, and it feels so much better now with them dressed!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Sofa Update

Last time I spoke about sofas, I was hesitant in expressing too much excitement about our new one arriving. With style number 3 and sofa number 4, we weren't sure if this new one would work or not. See some before pictures here.

Well, it's almost been about a week since it was delivered, and I'm excited to tell ya'll it's a WINNER!! We are super happy with it. It couldn't have fit our space any better.

First off, it was less expensive than the second one we purchased. Always a plus! Also, I love the lighter color so much more than the darker color sofa. Not so bulky looking, and blends so much better with what we have going on. You don't want your sofa to stand out like a sore thumb I've learned. Finally,so pleased we're not having to deal with feathers any longer. The cushions are made up of a poly-foam fiber fill so we're not having to deal with fluffing all the time. Now don't get me wrong, with a good quality sofa, feathers aren't necessarily a bad thing. But with our budget and Havertys selection, feather-free was the way to go.

There it is, the Amalfi. Third times a charm! I do need to do something on that wall behind the sofa, but not sure what it needs just yet. I was thinking a leaner mirror, but might be dangerous. Or I was thinking a randomness of decorative African baskets. I love the colors and design of these. So pretty. Can go bright and colorful or something more subdued, but still beautiful.

{Image via}

{Image via}

Well, I'm excited to move on now, free of poking feathers, and be able to enjoy our new sofa.

Have a great rest of your week and weekend. For those of you in Dallas, Market started yesterday down in the Design District and I would love to attend this fabulous event and network with other fellow bloggers. Unfortunately, why does everything have to cost an arm and a leg. Any of ya'll going??

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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Give a Hoot! Don't Pollute!!!

Chris and I were out riding our bikes yesterday around White Rock Lake. With all the rain this past week, it was pretty disturbing to see what all the rain washed up along its' shores. Tons of plastic..countless number of water bottles and Styrofoam cups. I was appalled to see this and really disgusted knowing 99% of this garbage could be avoided. 

It's a continuum of what our old buddy, Woodsy the Owl, was preaching years ago in the 80's, and issues we are still continuing to face today. Except now, it's not so much the cans that are the big issue, it's plastic water bottles!! 

Remember this??  Woodsy the Owl.. He says it the best. 

White Rock Lake in Dallas ~ January 11, 2013

Pretty appalling to see this right?? What changed me and opened my eyes to see how much bottled water is hurting our environment, was watching this documentary, Tapped. I was one of those consumers who believed that bottled water came from mountain regions and natural streams all over. Pretty ignorant, right? What I believed and understood of the industry was so far from the truth. Frightening to think  I didn't know the repercussions of what I was doing to our environment sooner. Ignorance and believing the label..Ozarka, Ice Mountain, Poland Spring, Zephyrhills, Deer Park, Arrowhead. They sure do a great job at marketing their products. They got me!!

{Image via}

Have any of ya'll seen this documentary and how did it affect you and change your habits?? I can say it really opened my eyes, and since watching, I have not bought one plastic water bottle. I will not drink from a plastic water bottle and if you know me, you'd know I use to have 10 or so empty to full water bottles in my car at a given time. It was pretty awful and looking back, super wasteful!! If you can avoid it, you may want to rethink buying your next one.

The first thing I did, was run out and buy a BPA Free water bottle. You can buy these anywhere from Target to Walmart. I fill it up directly from my faucet or refrigerator. I learned that our tap water is highly more regulated than bottled water which is NOT regulated. The water is pretty safe in Dallas.

{Image via}

Please, Please, Please, I can't urge you all enough, if you haven't already seen it, please watch Tapped! It was life changing for me and I learned so much about the industry. Just the little I do in choosing not to buy bottled water, I know can help make a difference in the betterment of our environment. If it's just one or all who can join in, we CAN make a difference!!! Give a Hoot, Don't Pollute! If you can, RECYCLE those water bottles.

Tell me..after seeing that movie, will you still buy bottled water?? 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Before you buy your next sofa....

Hope you all are having a great week. It's been dreary and cold here in Dallas. I'm ready for a little sunshine please.

Well, tomorrow morning we will be getting our new sofa delivered to us. I'm pretty excited, but not jumping for joy, yet. Not just yet. Keep reading and you'll understand why. This will actually be our 4th sofa, style number 3 in the last year and a half. I know, it sounds ridiculous, but I promise, it's not because I have a hard time making decisions.

When we moved into our home, we purchased the Cottage Chic sofa from Havertys. I loved the slipcover look and the lines of this one. Very neutral and a style that could work just about anywhere.

{August 2011}
At first, my husband and I were completely happy with our purchase. But as months went on, we realized it wasn't the sofa for us, and we were regretting our purchase. We realized it was way too small for my tall, 6'4" husband to comfortably sit his booty on at 38" deep. Poor thing. He did approve it, but a dumb suggestion on my part. I was all about style at the time and not comfort. Also, the down cushions were the biggest pain in having to maintain. This sofa just wasn't holding up as you can see below.

Take it from me ya'll ~  PICK COMFORT OVER LOOKS! 

{November 2012}

After our one year warranty of course expired, I put in a call to Havertys to see if we had any options. My husband has a great saying, "If you don't ask, the answer is always no." I was shocked and thrilled to find out they would give us a credit towards a new sofa. They ultimately want the customer to be happy and I'm so glad they were willing to work with us. Come to find out, we weren't the only ones having issues with this model and has since, been discontinued.

So the search started for our new sofa. I was thinking deep and comfortable. I drug my mom with me to see what we could find, and we both liked this one, Indulgence as they call it. Simple, traditional, comfy, and deep, about 43". The hubs will love it. Totally a different color, but thought it would warm up the space and be a nice contrast. Chris gave it a nice sit, and it passed!

It took one week for us to realize this wasn't a good choice for us either. One week!  FEATHERS!!!!! LOTS OF FEATHERS poking through and poking our hineys. How could this be?? How could a furniture manufacturer like Havertys manufacture and sell a sofa like this?? Not happy campers at this point, but grateful to know they'd take this one back too. I don't know about ya'll, but I'm pretty sure I can do without the feathers from here on out.

So, here we are. We bought our first sofa, exchanged for a new one, exchanged again because of feather issues, and hopefully exchanging one last time for this model. I've read the reviews on the Amalfi, and it checked out OK! No feathers in this one!

It's been a little bit of a disaster, but I'm hoping third times a charm, style number 3. Again, it's unfortunate Havertys would sell this kind of quality to their customer, but also good in a sense in that they provide excellent customer service! Likely a great reason as to why they've been in business since 1885.

I hope I've helped saved you any disasters in your search to find your next sofa and some of ya'll can learn from my mistakes. Thanks for stopping by and I will be sure to give you an update on our latest!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Discovering PicMonkey

I am so excited to have FINALLY found a software program that allows you to simply do before & after shots I can hardly withstand myself. I feel I've finally stepped into the land of the living. Where the heck have I been and why has it taken me so long to discover PicMonkey?? Seriously. Over a year blogging now, and I can't believe I've gone this long. It's a new beginning for me I tell you!!

I've looked around and searched before and after templates over and over again, but have had no luck until yesterday. Granted, to do the before & after shots with text, I had to pay an upgrade charge of $4.99/month, but it's worth it. I'll be using this program all the time. Each and every project and I can now easily give you guys a better visualization of the transformation. Super excited!!

Here are a few I've already tried my hand at. So many great tools to explore and learn about.

Some of ya'll have likely been using this tool for years now. What can I say, I'm a tad bit behind the times. For those of ya'll out there like me, there's hope for us after all!! Don't give up:)

Monday, January 7, 2013

New beginnings for a New Year!

Happy New Year Friends! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and a Happy New Year. To be honest, it's been hard jumping back into the world of blogging and it sounds to me, I'm not the only one who's struggling a little bit. It's definitely been hard to get back in the grove after having much needed time off to spend with family over the holidays. With the tragedy in Connecticut, I think a lot of us have been reevaluating what is truly important in our life. I think Lauren, at Pure Style Home said it best in her post here.

So I've spent the last several weeks thinking and rethinking where I should begin after taking a break, and feel I'm now ready to jump back in to what it is I do here in the land of blogging. And for those of ya'll that join me, I hope you find a little inspiration from time to time, and you are doing what you love and doing what makes you happy!

Best Wishes for a Healthy and Happy New Year!!

If you've been thinking the same thing and had a hard time/or having a hard time getting your grove back, I'd love to hear from you!! 


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