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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Welcome to Cozy Home Interiors Blog

Interior design enthusiast and blogger, Allison Maroules, specializes in creating warm and inviting residential spaces.

I'm so excited to have my blog "LIVE"!! It's up and running. What a fantastic day. It's been a year in the making, and it feels great to be here. I'm looking forward to getting to know many of you out there in the blogging community. You all have given me the inspiration to move forward and create my own blog, Cozy Home Interiors!

Here's a little about me I'd like to share with you. I'm 33 and finally doing something I thought about for many years. It all started with my need to change my room around every six months and I know many of you can relate to me when I say that. I'd go to friends houses and change their room around or even organize their closet. It was a huge obsession. I would paint my room a new color every year and it was so nice to have a mom who sewed. She put up with me and sewed new bedding or curtains for me..thanks Mom!! I even would go as far as to go door to door with my best friend Sharon just to check out the inside of their house. We'd walk to this new development down the road and those homes were huge to us back then. We'd knock on their door and ask to use their bathroom or get a glass of water just to see the inside of their house. Who does that?? If our parents only knew what we were up to. I loved the smell of newly constructed homes and went in many as a kid. To this day, I love the smell of Home Depot!!

After college with a BA in Art, I knew I had to do something creative. By the time I knew I wanted to major in Interior Design, I had already been in college for 3 years and was ready to get out into the real world. I always had the name in my mind, Cozy Home Interiors. I wanted to develop the idea, just didn't know what my first step should be. It wasn't until a year ago or so, I received a link from a friend called Hooked on Houses. I was so intrigued. I thought to myself, "We have lot's in common." I started looking at more and more blogs and realizing I have many of the same common interests and quirks as so many of you do. We love obsessing about our homes and that's a good thing I might add! We love making a HOME and TRUE HOME!! It's a reflection of our personalities and we take pride in that!

Researching and reading many of your blogs out there, I thought to myself, "I can do this too." Lauren with Pure Style Home in DC really inspired me to get back into school and get my basics done at Sheffield School of Interior Design. I was not completely confident in working as a designer and knew I needed some basic training. Since then, I'm in the process of completing my training and ready to start doing what I love! Why not!! You always feel you may not have the "Right" education or background, but if you love what you do and your good at what you do, that's all that should matter, right??

So here I am. This is my first posting. My friend Andy, with Creative Fox Studio, is an extremely talented graphic designer, who turned my vision of Cozy Home Interiors into a reality. She designed my beautiful logo and blog and I couldn't thank her enough for all her hard work. Next will be a website soon enough. I'm going to enjoy this outlet for now:)

I look forward to connecting with so many of you out there and bringing you lot's of great ideas to your home. It will be fun to see where this journey takes me and who I'll meet along the way. So many of you have inspired me to finally start my journey in doing what I love!

I'm excited to hear from you all and share ideas along the way. It's great to be part of a community who share similar passions and interests. Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to hearing from you all!!


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