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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Spring has Sprung!

I'm hoping our last cold spell a couple days ago will be our last now with our new flowers and plants sitting purty. The backyard hasn't received too much attention since last year when I posted, Painting, Pillows, and Planting, Oh My.  We haven't focused yet on the landscape around the fence and it was time to start adding some color, and I think we succeeded in that today.

Here are some boring before pictures..nothing to special right?

We get tons of shade back there so I knew we had to pick out some shady plants for a few perennials and then add some annuals. There's still a few open corners that I'd like to fill. I was thinking about adding a few elephant ears, but it would be nice to have some additional color with a few more perennials.

In front of the bench, I decided to add a few stepping stones with the dwarf monkey grass. I've always loved this look and this was a pretty inexpensive way to get the look. We added a beautiful hydrangea bush, fern, and annuals here too.

Again, another beautiful hydrangea bush. It gets a lot of shade on this end, but I'm hoping it will be alright. Another great plant for shade are hostas, which I know will do great in their new home. Caladiums and Impatiens we also included and fertilized real well. Hopefully in a couple months, they'll  be nice a full.

Another fern, hosta, caladiums, and mexican heather in front of the chimenea.

What a difference flowers can make! I'm enjoying the backyard so much more now. 

Have you started your Spring planting? Have a great weekend!


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