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Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Sofa Update

Last time I spoke about sofas, I was hesitant in expressing too much excitement about our new one arriving. With style number 3 and sofa number 4, we weren't sure if this new one would work or not. See some before pictures here.

Well, it's almost been about a week since it was delivered, and I'm excited to tell ya'll it's a WINNER!! We are super happy with it. It couldn't have fit our space any better.

First off, it was less expensive than the second one we purchased. Always a plus! Also, I love the lighter color so much more than the darker color sofa. Not so bulky looking, and blends so much better with what we have going on. You don't want your sofa to stand out like a sore thumb I've learned. Finally,so pleased we're not having to deal with feathers any longer. The cushions are made up of a poly-foam fiber fill so we're not having to deal with fluffing all the time. Now don't get me wrong, with a good quality sofa, feathers aren't necessarily a bad thing. But with our budget and Havertys selection, feather-free was the way to go.

There it is, the Amalfi. Third times a charm! I do need to do something on that wall behind the sofa, but not sure what it needs just yet. I was thinking a leaner mirror, but might be dangerous. Or I was thinking a randomness of decorative African baskets. I love the colors and design of these. So pretty. Can go bright and colorful or something more subdued, but still beautiful.

{Image via}

{Image via}

Well, I'm excited to move on now, free of poking feathers, and be able to enjoy our new sofa.

Have a great rest of your week and weekend. For those of you in Dallas, Market started yesterday down in the Design District and I would love to attend this fabulous event and network with other fellow bloggers. Unfortunately, why does everything have to cost an arm and a leg. Any of ya'll going??

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  1. I love your new sofa! Looks just like the one from PB. I also love to shop at Haverty's, bought my last sofa from there, and I love it, although I do wish I had gotten it a lighter color.

  2. Thanks Kristel! Havertys is great. They do have tons to select from and I'm really impressed with their accessories too. How long have you had the sofa? You never know. They may exchange it back if it's been less than a year.

  3. I have the same sofa and you are going to love it. I got mine by in 08 and it still looks new. And that is with a husband & over active little dog.

    BTW I'm stopping by from Live Laugh Rowe to say hello and follow along.

  4. Have had the same sofa for 6 months now and love it. Where did you get your coffee table? Thanks

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