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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Painting, Pillows, and Planting Oh My!

Happy September! Can't believe it's September. I'm excited to finally be doing this post. I've been working my booty off so it's taken me longer than expected. It's been several months in the making, but the backyard has finally come together. This project lasted most of the summer, but in Texas, enjoyment of your backyard is in Fall and Spring. So..just in time for Fall. I can say the backyard is done..All famous words, FOR NOW...

1st Project: Repaint these darn rockers..again

Lesson learned.. NEVER spray paint over spray paint, even if you sand. This is what happens. CHIPS! Just took a couple months and some hard rain. I've finally learned my lesson. SAND the crap out of them first, PRIME like you've never primed before (2 coats at least), and use an EXTERIOR PAINT. Hopefully that should do the trick for a couple years at least. 



{Gray primer from Lowe's}


{Heavy Duty Wood Stain- Great coverage- Took a couple coats}

{Looks like the color is Pewter}


2nd Project: Repaint the bench

Again, I used the same paint as I used for the rockers. This one really needed some TLC. 



3rd Project: Make pillows

You'll find with me, if I'm going to do something, I'm going to do it right. Even if it takes me all summer to complete. When I have a vision, it's hard for me to not follow it through 100%. So when I found this fabric, I knew this would bring it all together. It also inspired me to take the artwork out of my front living room and put it outside under my covered patio. I always felt it didn't quite work in the living room and realized it would work better for what I was doing outside. 

The pillows were done by my wonderful mother who I couldn't thank enough! Sadly, I do not own a sewing machine and I'm embarrassed to admit it around many of you who are masters at the machine. I am looking at hopefully acquiring one soon. I've always wanted to learn to sew and with the amount of projects I'm doing here and there, it would be super handy to have. 


MOVING OUT: This piece never really worked in the living room. I lived with it for months and was never crazy about it. But, it's now found a good home. What do ya'll think??

Now, our backyard is ready for football season and grilling, and can now be enjoyed with the weather getting cooler. Not really, but I'm hopeful it will start cooling down soon. I purchased this great little umbrella in burnt orange and feel it works well with the colors I have going on. Just about clears the roof:)

{Succulent I purchased at Lowe's..perfect for the Texas heat and about the only thing that you can keep alive}



  1. The rockers and bench look great now and I love the colorful pillows.

  2. Loving the colors of the rockers and bench. The colors just made them pop! The Pewter color is fabulous. Loving the pillows your Mom made for you so very pretty all of it! I'd be sitting out here a lot! Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration with Sunday’s Best – you helped make the party a success!

  3. Allison - I LOVE those pillows! Great job! I also think that painting looks much better in its new home. Everything complements each other so well. I'll bet you're really looking forward to finally kicking back with a cold beverage on your newly decorated patio :)

  4. that dark grey looks so fabulous with the brightly colored textiles!



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