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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Let there be light~ Client's New Lamps

When I tell you it took months to find the right lamps for my client's master bedroom, it truly did. I searched high and low to find the perfect ones. Shopping online, shopping around town, let me tell you, not an easy job.

My clients have a beautiful Four Post Tommy Bahama Bed that I didn't want to distract from. It's massive and I knew the lamps they had were too small. I had my heart set on mercury glass lamps and you would think with the craze of mercury glass, I could find something that would work. Yeah..not so much. Restoration Hardware had some, but not the right shape. Pottery Barn has them, but not the right shape or shade. 

Then the cloud lifted when I saw these on DecorPad. I knew these were the ones!

{Image via DecorPad}

I loved the organic and natural feel of these. The finish was perfect, size was good, shape was simple and I knew these wouldn't fight with the bed. 

{Shown with lamp shade it came with}

Here is a snapshot of their new lamp. I did end up getting a new lamp shade at Restoration Hardware. The one shown above seemed a little too small and I wasn't crazy about the texture of the shade. Just didn't look as good as it could.

{Shown with the new lamp shade from Resto}

There isn't a huge difference which is good. I didn't want there to be. The shade fills the lamp out just a little more and I love the silk texture of the shade now versus before. I went with the bright white, size E in Silk.

Client loves these as do I! We ended up actually purchasing through Macy's and they were on sale at the time for $150.00 each. Great deal for great lamps! 


  1. Love those lamp, So beautiful! Great inspiration pics …

  2. Aside from the Lamp, I was totally blown away of that bed. I really liked it.

  3. i agree those lamps really caught my attention.Classic!! you can also try these lovely Kartell lamper i can imagine those cozy feelings when your in that bedroom!!



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