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Friday, August 24, 2012

Sweet Sugar

Today, my family lost our precious girl so near and dear to all our hearts..Our sweet Sugar passed away this morning at 11:00am. She was part of our family for 11 years and we are all truly blessed to have been able to love her for so long.

I have never really known what it's like to lose a pet so close to me. Our family lost our cat of 18 years when she passed away. I was in college and I remember being sad, but not as sad as I am today. I wasn't there when Kimmy passed away, but today I was fortunate to be able to say my good-byes to Sugar Bear..that was one of her many nicknames.. Sugar Bear, Cheese Slut, Butterball, and Queen-B. My parents have two other dogs, big dogs, but Sugar ruled the roost over there. She was the Queen B and she made sure they knew who was boss. 

Today, was suppose to be just like any other day, but I got a call from my mother this morning saying that Sugar wasn't doing too well and my dad was taking her to the vet. Sugar had been slowing down these past couple months, but hadn't shown any signs that she was in pain. She was eating regularly, but seemed to be losing weight. She had also been shedding quite a bit, and was pretty lethargic around the house. They had her thyroid checked then and everything came back normal. It wasn't until a couple days ago Sugar quit eating and drinking. Not thinking this was her last day with us, we all thought they would give her some medicine and she'd be able to go back home, but unfortunately that wasn't in God's plan today.

Her organs started shutting down and we knew then we didn't have much time left with her. I called Chris to tell him what was going on and thankfully, he was able to leave work and head over to the vet. Sugar adored Chris. He was her favorite. Every time we stopped by my parents, Sugar would just wail and yelp as we walked in the door. She had to get her loving from both Chris and I, especially Chris, before we were able to do anything else. She loved him dearly.

Once Chris showed up and was able to say his good byes, just several minutes later Sugar passed away peacefully and naturally. The vet went to get the "medicine", but before she could do anything, Sugar had already passed on with her dignity. We are so blessed that Sugar made the choice for herself, and we as a family didn't have to make it for her. She went downhill so quickly, we still don't know what caused it. Maybe cancer..we don't know.

I am so thankful we were all able to be together today to say good bye to Suggie. I have so many great memories of Sugar..she loved chasing squirrels around the neighborhood and riding around with me hanging out the window of the car. She loved any kind of cheese and actually jumped up on our patio table one time and ate a huge chunk of Brie. She loved dressing up in her t-shirts. I would put one on her, and she'd get this extra pep in her step and run around like she was Miss Thing. She loved to eat and loved to nugg. She would jump up on your lap and bury her little head into your neck and love on you. She was such a special dog. We always said she was more human than dog. She had this way of looking at you that felt more human than anything. She knew how to give love unconditionally and was so much a huge part of our family. We are going to miss her so dearly.

~We will miss you sweet Sugar~
Lots of love and sweet kisses baby girl


  1. I'm so, so sorry to read this post about your sweet Sugar Bear. She looks like a beautiful little pumpkin and I know you must all be so lost without her. Our pets are such a huge part of our lives and I'm so sorry for your loss.

  2. So very sorry for your loss. These little furry creatures sure take a huge chunk of our hearts with them when they go.

    She was adorable.




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