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Monday, December 3, 2012

Beautiful Chicago

The holiday season is in full swing! It's been super busy around here, hence the reason I've been MIA. We hosted the family at our place for Thanksgiving this year which is always a good time and super chill.

Following Thanksgiving, Chris went up to Chicago for a conference for a few days and mid week I flew out and joined him for a little R&R. It's pretty amazing the Christmas spirit you feel around the city this time of year. All the trees lining the streets are lit up and the chilly weather really puts you in the spirit. When I say chilly, 40's to 50's last week which felt great.

Chicago has so much great culture and history. So much to explore! From the art museums to the architecture, to even your shopping experience. I love it all!!

Chris took me to Macy's and I couldn't get over how freaking huge it was. Too many floors to count and the architecture was so fascinating. I felt like I stepped into the 80's movie, Mannequin. It reminded me of the department store, Price & Co. I actually looked it up to see if it was filmed there, but it wasn't. It was filmed in Philadelphia. You can find all great facts about 80's flicks here.

Really puts you in the spirit to shop, shop, shop!!

And I've never seen candy this big before in my life! I had to snap a couple pics of these big boys..These pictures really don't do the size of these justice.

This rice crispy treat was like the size of a cookie sheet.

The highlight of the trip was seeing Chris's grandmother Yiayia, but also going ice skating. Chris had never been before so I was excited to see how well he'd take the ice. He did really well!! Better than me. I was shaking in my boots a little bit:) It's been years since I've been and we both didn't eat it and no one got hurt. Always a good thing. It was another pretty day in Millennium Park so we took full advantage and got our butts out there.

First it was pictures at "The Bean"! So cool and such a fun experience!! I could take pictures of that thing all day long. If you touch it, it's suppose to give you good luck so we did. And if your a fan of all 80's flicks like I am, you'll appreciate the Adventures and Babysitting building. Do you know which one I'm talking about?? Love that movie!

The architecture is so beautiful! I love the mix of the new and the classical architecture. The weather really couldn't have been any better. So clear and mild for this time of year.

{The new Trump Tower}

{Beats most clocks you see on a daily basis}

{Crazy how much detailing is on that building}

{Love this one}

A stop to the The Art Institute of Chicago. I was blown away by their collection and how vast it was. Monet and Renoir my two favorites, but also love the Renaissance period.

{Chris and his dad}

I can't say more good things about the city of Chicago. So glad part of Chris's family is up there so we can visit often. There's so much to do and see and no way we were able to do it all this time around. It's funny, I've been to Chicago with Chris many times, and even got to see Oprah with some girlfriends of mine many years ago, but you feel you leave there with still so much more to see and do.

It was a great little getaway, but it's always great to be home and sleep in your own bed. I'm feeling recharged and excited about the holiday season! Even though it doesn't feel like it outside, it feels like it inside! The house is dressed for the holiday!

Hope your holiday season is good one thus far! 

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