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Friday, June 29, 2012

Out and about today..

I was out and about today, and stopped into this little boutique in Dallas. I hate to go into stores where no one greets you or says hello, especially after several minutes of being in there. The sales woman did not even acknowledge me as I walked into the store..what is that??

How do those places stay in business?? Let's just say, I won't be back. Not just for the poor customer service, but also there ridiculous prices.

I took a quick glance through the place and left. I did spot this beautiful greenery and throw pillow.

{Snapped a quick simple yet so elegant}

{Loved the pattern and colors with this throw pillow..just $295 each} 

It's Friday!! I went into Central Market to pick up a few items. The good ole folks are coming over for dinner tonight. Funny story..after picking up my tilapia at the fish counter, I stuck it into a cart and started walking off. This strange woman looked at me and I then realized I had the wrong cart!! How embarassing...she even had the big cart vs the small one I was pushing around!

So out to lunch today. Have you ever?? Have a great weekend!!


  1. I feel so uncomfortable if no one greets me in a shop. You don't feel welcomed. Wow, $295 for a pillow? I hope you grabbed several! :) I am always going to garage sales and thrift stores, so it's hard for me to pay for anything at even a "normal" price! Still worth looking around the burlap candle holders! I might ave to do that!

  2. Wow! $295 for a, single, solitary...Pillow?
    Never in a million years, even if I won the biggest lottery in history, would I ever pay that much for a pillow. I don't care if it was made of solid gold. Never.
    Funny you, taking the wrong shopping cart. I haven't done that but I have gone to the parking lot after shopping and tried to put my groceries into the back of the wrong vehicle. So many cars look so much alike now. I just lifted the tailgate of that van up and was greeted with a bunch of garbage that would never have been in the back of mine (literally a clear bag of garbage). Nasty.
    I too hate shopping in stores where you are totally ignored by the owner/staff. How hard is it to simply say hello to the prople who made it a point to visit your establishment. More often than not, you are given a more pleasant greeting by the person hosting a garage sale (where I bet the pillows have a more reasonable price tag).



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