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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Feelin' Green

Yesterday I had a super productive day at home! I FINALLY had the chance to finish painting our outdoor rockers and bench. Looks so much better, and feels better. Now, just need to find some cute pillows to tie it all in. Hopefully will find something by this weekend, and share with you next week.

Although no pillows to be found, I did score some great looking plants for SUPER cheap at Lowe's. I love plants and they're great fillers for corners in your home, or anywhere really. They also don't cost much, and are a great way to warm up any space.

Check it out...not bad..right? Super excited about the price:)

{I'm thinking of getting a black urn for this one}

{Majesty Palm}

{$5.00 @ Lowe's.. WHOO WHOO}

I also found this beautiful pot outside in the garden area for $5.00. I'm going to try super hard to keep this beauty alive. With the Texas heat, hopefully I won't burn it up.

{What a beauty..and for $ creeping jenny}

Here are some other plants of ours just around the house. Again, they're great fillers and even if you don't have a green thumb, they're pretty easy to manage. The key is not over watering. I water all my plants about once a week.

I've got this enormous dracaena in my den, which doesn't get a whole lot of light. This plant is great because it doesn't need much sunlight. I water him about once a week, and like to wipe down the foliage with a damp paper towel. This keeps the foliage looking purty.

{Dracaena plant}

{Can't remember this one's name}

This beautiful ficus I've had since my first apartment back in 2003. It was given to me by one of my dad's old coworkers, and it's been with me ever since. It's stayed with the folks several times because it's been on the verge of death, and they've managed to nurse it back. I finally transplanted the pot after 10 years, and the thing got mites or something. I had to move it outside, and since then, the mites have died off, and it's thriving. Ficus trees love being outside, but they need to be brought back in when it's cold.

{Will need to repot it again after this Summer is over..growing shroomies}

Hope ya'll are having a great week! 

Any plants you would recommend that are easy to maintain and take care of?? 
Love to hear from you guys:)

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