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Monday, January 19, 2015

Lea's Playroom Reveal

So excited to show ya'll the reveal of Lea's Playroom! It's been awhile in the making and it's all complete.

We took our sitting room, which wasn't getting a whole lot of use, and transformed that area into Lea's new playroom. I'm all about using space you have, for actual living space. Most of us these days need all the square footage we can get. It's easy to start accumulating stuff as we get older and children are introduced to the picture. What was neat and tidy before is a fixture of the past, well unless you live in one of those trending "tiny" houses. I love the concept, but with kids, I'm not sure how that works?

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Economical Custom Window Seat Pad
w/squared corners
Width: 58.5"
Depth: 16.5"
Thickness: 2"
Fabric: Prints JOJO Aquarius/Slub
Fabric Direction: Vertical
Closure: Hidden Zipper

7. Custom Hot Air Balloon Decal from WonderWall Decal

11. Like Minded FLOR tile in Pink (16qty)

And here it is!! I started by purchasing the rug, and working from there. The rug is one of my favorite pieces in the room. I love the color it brings. Very cheerful and playful. It's also super easy to manage. Spills are easily wiped up and for some reason, it's fun to vacuum... I know, I'm weird.

I originally thought of painting the focal wall a bright color, but decided against that. Since it's not a room by itself, and more open with the rest of the house, I thought it was important to maintain the room flow as much as possible with the rest of the house. I didn't want it to distract too much from the other rooms. So we opted to do some wall decals instead. Something not permanent, and it adds a whimsy, playful feel to the room. I tied in the colors of the decal to the colors in the rug, maintaining my color scheme throughout.

{I found these amazing original crayon boxes at an Estate sale}

{I wanted to keep her pictures up from her first birthday and came up with this idea. I took picture wire and used clothespins. It was a great solution to optimize the use of the brick wall and very cheap.}

{I recycled the poms I used for her birthday and put them in here.}

And that's Lea's playroom!! We love the new room. It's a great space for her and a room we all enjoy being in. Thanks for stopping by!! Have a great week!

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