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Friday, June 6, 2014

Laundry Room Update

Well, I admit I didn't get too far with my laundry room makeover. It's all good though... priorities shift pretty quickly when you have a little one. I got as far as painting and replacing the light fixture, but that's the extent of it. We got rid of the dreariness with a coat of paint and the ho-hum fixture went bye-bye.

For the paint, I decided to go with Ryegrass from Sherwin Williams. I didn't realize it when I selected the color that it's the same color that's in our breakfast nook. It's a vibrant color and the room needed it. It looks great anywhere! I added the piece of art we already had that worked great with the color and fills up the wall pretty nicely.

I know..not too exciting, but I didn't want to leave you hanging. I had high hopes to find something for the wall to hang our jackets and bags, but just opted to use an over the door coat hanger. Also, I can still see painting the door maybe and the cabinets, but I'm moving on. With Lea now crawling, I've moved onto other priorities. We had the idea of changing up the sitting area off the kitchen and creating a little playroom for her. Now I'm working on that and we'll see how far I get:) At the rate I'm going, I'll give you an update in 5 months or so!

Have a great weekend!

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