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Monday, June 9, 2014

Say Good-bye to Stinky Kitchen Towels and Sponges

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a great weekend. Lea and I were suppose to start our swim class today, but the weather is pretty crummy. Hopefully tomorrow will be nicer for swimming.

I wanted to share with you a product that I found that I absolutely love! They're called Skoy Eco Cleaning Cloths and they are wonderful. I was tired of using sponges and rags to wipe down my counters and searched to find a product out there that could replace these.

I found them on and they are currently on sale for a pack of 4 for $6.95. They're very sturdy and thick and you're able to throw them in the dishwasher when need be. The best part is they'll never get smelly!!

Also, if you haven't checked this website out before, definitely stop by when you have a quick second. It's a great website to find eco-friendly products for your home and has tons of information on they're as well about sustainable living.

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