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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Closet Reinvention: Master Bedroom Closets Part 2

Hope your having a great weekend! Here to bring you Closet Reinvention: Tackling our Master Bedroom Closets Part 2! Unfortunately, I forgot to take before pics prior to emptying my closet, Poo! Here are the afters! I's a little bit bigger than Chris's closet, but he was totally cool with me having more room...ha, ha, ha!

{Image via}

{Image via}

Recognize this one?? It's Lisa Vanderpump's from Real Housewives. It would be a dream to have a closet like this, and I would love to never worry again about what I was going to wear, but I don't think a $100,000 dollar closet is necessary. Maybe I'm CRAZY to think that, but I have a feeling most of ya'll agree with me. Excessive..YES. Beautiful..YES! I can appreciate it, but for majority of us, we make due with what we have, big or small.

I am pretty proud and loving my new and improved, organized closet!  Before, I had tons of plastic shoe boxes, and a shoe rack that hung on my door, which held about 6 shoes. Problem was I couldn't see what shoes I had, and the shoe rack was pretty dinky . I also had two bars to hang clothes on and the way my closet was set up, I was losing space.

Overall, it was an awful design and after California Closets quoted me $1,200 dollars, I knew I had to do something myself. After my dad worked with me on the first one, I felt confident I could handle this one by myself. All I needed to do was hang a clothes bar, and add an extra shelf. Borrowing my dad's air gun was key too!!

Here are some pics of the Before and Afters.

{Front Center Before}

{Left Side of Closet- Notice extra random board I wasn't using and all the wasted space.}

{Right Side of Closet- I thought this would be a great spot to hang a bar.}

{Fresh coat of paint always helps.}

{Added the closet bar from Home Depot to hang additional clothes.}

{Perfect spot for Marilyn}

{Never thought about using this belt holder for a necklace holder before.}

{I had my purses in a container bin, but now I can see what I have. I also added the second
shelf to store seasonal shoes.}

{Organized from tank tops to long sleeve shirts and grouped similar colors together.}

{I hung all my pants on one bar, which again, I can now see what I have and added the shelf
that wasn't being used to store baskets on.}

{Bought these to put my belts and scarves in at Container Store.}

This over door shoe rack really made all the difference in the world. It can hold 36 shoes, which is amazing and was worth every penny!!

{Over Door Shoe Rack from Container Store}

{Overdoor Shoe Rack $29.99  Found Here}

So, there it is! I wish I had the before pictures to show ya'll how much of a difference the extra shelf, additional clothing bar, and the shoe rack all made. Pretty amazing transformation and I can't tell you how good it feels now that it's completely organized and I can see what I own. What a concept:)

Sometimes you have to live with things before you're able to see how things can be improved. It doesn't happen overnight. It took me almost 2 years to make sense of our closets.

Do your closets make sense?? Organization doesn't have to cost tons of $$$$$$$!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Ha ha, for a second there I thought I had discovered the blog of a person who could actually afford the closet in the first photo! ;-)

    Love your solution with the shoe rack - I'm still looking for pretty shoe storage for mine. Girls and their shoes, right?



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