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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day Swiss Ave Home Tour 2012

I hope all you mom's out there had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend. I planned a little surprise for my momma this year. Last couple years, I've been living in Virginia, so now being back in Dallas, I wanted to plan a nice day for her, and the family.

We started with lunch, and headed out for the Swiss Ave Home Tour. It was the first time for all of us to go, and what a treat it was.  Dallas is full of hidden gems, and neighborhoods to swoon over. Swiss Ave is one of those neighborhoods. If it were up to me, and money wasn't an issue of course, you'd find me in one of these beautiful homes.

I love a home with character, and boy do these homes have character. Most date to early 1900's and they are gorgeous, and so unique. The neighborhoods have beautiful mature trees, and beautiful architecture. They just don't make houses like these anymore. It feels like your stepping back in time.

So enough talking, and let's get down to seeing some timeless homes. There were 6 homes on the tour. The first three homes I missed taking pictures of, but I got some great shots of other neighborhood homes.

{Dad posing with a 1978 Aston Martin}

I  couldn't get over how everything looked so lush and green. You really don't feel like your in Dallas walking through these neighborhoods. For the most part, Dallas is full of cookie cutter homes. Most homes are one story, and driveways are pretty nonexistent. Down here, you'll find each house is different from the next.


This was the third home we saw. Mom and I drooled throughout the whole thing. I couldn't get over how perfect everything looked, and the owners taste level was impeccable. They gutted the place and renovated the whole thing. So tastefully done. Loved every inch!!

{How beautiful, simple, and faux too..I couldn't believe it}

{Entry Pendant}

{Master the green}

{Master Shower..beautiful tiling}

{I love how they carried the green into the Master Bath}

{Simple faux arrangement}

{Soothing colors throughout}
{Downstairs Bath}

{Kitchen backsplash}

{Check out the dining room rug..white cowhide. Don't spill..I would die}

{Gorgeous all the windows}

{Love my temple jars}


{Beautiful Hydrangea Bush..likely over 50 years old}

{Love the simplicity}


{Formal Living Room}

This home was another beauty. The owners lived all over the world, and most of their furnishings show that. Lot's of antiques and interesting pieces. Not my taste, but I can appreciate it. The best part was the backyard!!

{Interesting Faux Finish}

{Downstairs cute}

{Love the green}

{Beautiful Stain Glass}

{Media Room}

{Time for a bath in "hers" Master Bath}

{"His"Side, love the detailing on the cabinetry}

{Love the copper pots}

The best part of this house for me was the backyard! The owner is a master gardener, and the gardens are amazingly beautiful. They had so many varieties of vegetables, plants, and flowers. They even had an edible garden with green grapes, raspberries, and strawberries. When can I move in!

{Imagine waking up to this beautiful}

{Love the stones and monkey grass}

{Pool house toilet..had to take a don't see these everyday}

{Love the rocks..pretty cool, and simple to do}

{Let's pick some grapes}


{Flowering green onion}

{Never seen growing asparagus..pretty cool looking}


{Kids play area}

{I'll live here}


What a story this one carries. So interesting, it can be made into a movie. Originally built in 1918, it's one of the most renowned residential landmarks in the City of Dallas. Sold in 1949 to the Logan family, daughter Mary Ellen Logan Bendsten, lived there until her death in 2005.

{Mary Ellen Logan at her youth, a renowned pianist and Dallasite}

It's a sad story of a woman who couldn't let her home go, or the memories it carried. She couldn't afford to maintain it, and with time, it started to fall apart all around her.

Click here to learn more about the home. It was purchased recently for a price of $500,000 and will be renovated to it's grandeur.

{How it looked at one point in time}

{Today, what a staircase}

{Living Room, original drapery treatments still remain}

{The largest mirror at one point in the State of Texas}

What an incredible piece of Dallas history in these neighborhoods. I hope you enjoyed seeing a side of Dallas you may not have seen before. I know I did, and I'm thrilled to have been 
able to share it with you!! 

Hope you enjoyed! 


  1. Oh, wow, these are some amazingly beautiful houses! Nothing better than a great home tour like this. Got a kick out of the poolhouse toilet. And I loved seeing the old photo of that staircase and how it looks today--gorgeous!

  2. WHAT?! When was this and WHY didnt I know about it! Swiss Ave is one of my all-time FAVORITE streets to drive down and always stop if there's an open house so I can peek inside. So jealous you got to see how many beautiful homes! The one with the staircase is just stunning!

  3. Great pics!! I totally missed the crazy pool house toilet. Too funny!! That was last house we stopped by so our feet were killing us and we were just ready to sit down :) SO glad you stopped by Shades of Grey I am excited to follow along. - Katie@ShadesofGrey

  4. I'm jealous! Wish I could have gone, looked like a lot of fun. I never pictured Dallas homes to look like these. Honestly, when I think Dallas I imagine lots of ranches, and cowboys, lol...

  5. I love going to the Mother's Day Swiss Ave. House Tours - I end up in Dallas for a conference every year at this time and then spend time with my sister. We enjoy this so much on Mother's Day. I can't wait to come back in 2013! Good pics and i didn't go in the pool house so I missed that toilet seat!



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