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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Back from our Bohemian Adventure

Back to civilization and feeling recharged! My hubby and I planned our trip to Bahamas months ago. It felt like May couldn't come quick enough, and before we knew it, 


{Stocking Island, Bahamas}

{On our way}

{Getting closer}

We took off for Great Exuma Island for 5 days, and then up to Nassau for 2. If you haven't been, I'd highly recommend visiting these islands, more so Exuma than Nassau, but it's all about what your looking for. Nassau is extremely westernized and lots of people. We stayed on Paradise Island and if you prefer crowded beaches, and enjoy gambling, this is the place to go. I think we will definitely stay at Atlantis with the fam one day, but other than that, we quickly learned it wasn't our thing.  

If your looking for major R&R, quiet nights, and romance.. Great Exuma is the place to do it. It's for those who want to do some exploring and prefer places off the beaten path. The beaches were truly breathtaking. Beautiful aqua blue/green waters and pink sand. True paradise. Even with the clouds, it was beautiful. I couldn't get over how desolate the beaches were. It's like having your own private island all to yourself. It was a true island experience, and one to last a lifetime.

The seafood was amazing. One of the best meals we had was at Santana's...a little hut along the beach, which was a favorite to the cast of Pirates of the Caribbean. It was shot right off the island. They served up fresh lobster and conch with rice, corn, and coleslaw.  

{Best Meal..Fresh Lobster}

We definitely had our adventure we so desperately were seeking. Our camera got soaked the second day of our vacation. We were looking for an adventure, and WE SURE GOT IT!!! Chris and I love to kayak, and the place we stayed was perfect for that. We stayed north of George Town across from Stocking Island. The distance between our hotel and Stocking Island is a little over a mile across Elizabeth Harbour, and about an hour or so ride in a kayak. Stocking Island has beautiful beaches, and a little bar out there. We couldn't wait to check it out! 

{The infamous kayak..dun dun dun}

{Elizabeth Harbour..on a calm morning, Stocking Island across the way}

{Cool bar called Chat n Chill on Stocking Island}
{On our hike out to the beach}

{Breathtaking..even on a cloudy day}
We decided to explore the island and take the kayak out there. Getting there was fine. It was the coming back part that went sour. About a 5 minutes into our ride home, we started really struggling with keeping balance, and couldn't quite figure out why. We had our snorkeling equipment, and a backpack with a towel, snacks, and my lovely camera. Good thing it wasn't an expensive one. The wind had started picking up, causing some choppy water, and there was a storm brewing in the distance. Not making for an ideal situation AT ALL. 

At first, I was really cracking up. I sat in the front and Chris was behind me carrying the backpack on his shoulders. I could just see him behind me, really trying to stay balance and not tilt, with his most serious face. You might say it was some extreme nervous laughing on my part. He not so much.

Before I knew it, I JUMPED SHIP. The kayak was filling up with water, and I couldn't keep it together any longer. Chris managed to stay on for a little longer. He eventually had to kick his feet out and let them dangle in the water to keep balance. There I was, hanging on for dear life onto a rope trailing behind. Not too much longer passed, and there he went, INTO THE WATER, backpack and all. NOOOO!!! The CAMERA!!! Oh well. Got over that real quick.

{THIS definitely crossed my mind..Oh Please God Help Us}

We realized quickly our main focus was to get back to land, and do it as quickly as possible. I thought we might be in REAL trouble when I saw his oar FLY up into the air..yelling HELP a plane flew over us. I thought to myself, "THIS COULD BE IT."

We had no luck out there getting rescued.. we were stuck and had to swim it back. It was the longest 45 minutes of my life. I thought land was never going to come. Chris hung on a little better than me. He did great actually. Stayed calm and collected for me, while I tried to find my happy place.

{Overturned Kayak at one point..this was us! Trying to flip the darn thing over wasn't easy}

Even in the water it was a struggle keeping the kayak from tilting and filling up with even more water. There I was, taking his shoe and trying to flush water from inside the kayak, and trying to keep it together, and not lose it. I thought of the worst circumstances that could happen out there.. "I could possibly drown if I get too tired, we'll never make it back, or I could be eaten alive by a shark." THANK GOD non of the above happened to either of us, and we made it back ALIVE!

It was a memorable experience Chris and I will never forget, and a story to be told for sure...our brush with death if you will.. not really, but quite the experience. We were pretty safe out there, great swimmers thank GOD!! We were in the harbour, so no least that's what I told myself. The rain held out for us, so we knew God was watching over us. It could have been worse.

What's crazy is that the employees of the hotel saw us out there and thought we were playing around in the water. WHAT????? You have to be kidding??? They at least could have checked on us and took their boat out to see if we were would think. They did have several boats docked at the hotel. Let's just say Chris and I were not happy campers with them, but we got over it. 

So we made it through the rest of the week with no more crazy adventures. We were golden and had our fix early in week, which made for some good R&R the rest of our vacation. 

{They drive on the left side of the road and drivers seat is on the right side..STAY LEFT}

{Foder's came handy..not every time, pretty reliable for the most part}
{The blue waters reflect the blue and clouds look like this}

{Tropic of Cancer Beach}

{Paradise Island Beach}

{South Nassau}

{Beautiful Atlantis}

{Big Boy Grouper at Atlantis}

{Marina in Nassau}

It feels SO good to be back home and I'm feeling refreshed! I'm moving at a slower pace since I got home, and really liking how I'm feeling. It's amazing what some time away will do for you. I came home and organized my closet and dresser drawers. Crazy, I know, but really feeling motivated and recharged. Hopefully will last.

I also had my 34th birthday out there in the Bahamas and told myself to worry less, and LIVE BETTER! I'm such a worry wart, and my mind can become easily frazzled. I'm really going to try to keep a positive outlook on life, and try not to worry so much about the little things, things I have no control over. Life's too short, it's meant to be enjoyed!! Easier said than done, but something I'm really going to work on.

Hope you enjoyed reading about our little island adventure. Definitely makes for a memorable trip!

Have you been to the Bahamas?? Where did you go, and how was your experience out there? Chris and I love traveling to new places and prefer less traveled destination spots. Is there a place you've been that's a little more off the beaten path?? I would love to hear about your adventure!

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  1. Great story girl! Sounds like you guys had a blast, and your pics are breathtaking. A lot like your work! We've been to the Bahamas/Nassau but I don't remember it being that pretty, It has been several years though. Glad you two got to get away and I hope you had a wonderful birthday while you were there. <3 Min



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