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Saturday, March 3, 2012

When you know

So I've been in a little creative funk these past couple weeks and haven't had much going on. I'm excited to report that the creative juices are flowin' again and I've been reawakened! You will learn it doesn't take much to get me excited, and this week, all it took were two adorable pillows I found while out on my lunch break.

If you've been out shopping, you'll notice geometric prints are all the craze right now and bold colors. It's so easy to keep things neutral at home, but ask yourself, "Does my home really reflect my personality." If your answer is "No", make some changes. It can just take a couple gallons of paint and some new throw pillows.

Can look vibrant and colorful!

{image via}

{image via studioten25}

Or can look a little more subdued and soft.

{image via}

{Image via}

Since we moved into our new place back in August, I'm still trying to finish up our front living room. It's such a great space and I've been struggling at finding pieces that speak to me. I bought these great chairs and they've been dying for some pillows to liven them up.

{Needs Something}

Last week, I took my weekly gander at Weir's down off Knox Street. And long and behold, there sat two adorable pillows I knew would work perfectly for our chairs. They were definitely speaking to me and I snatched them up in 2.2 seconds. Took them home and viola... Perfecto!  You can also find these great pillows at Z Gallerie online right now in multiple colors.


You'll learn that I love a great find and one that's reasonable too! Throw pillows aren't cheap you'll find. These bad boy pillows were $60 each, which I was happy to pay, especially for something I love. It was worth the wait! It's amazing what a couple great pillows will do.

Have you tapped into the craze?? Any prints at home your loving?? Have an awesome weekend!!


  1. I love those chairs! I have been looking for a chair for my bedroom. That would go perfect. I wouldn't be able to fit 2 of them even though I would want them both.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Mel! They're fun chairs. A bedroom who be a perfect spot. Let me know what you find:)

  2. Love these chairs! We are currently renovating our living room...I hope to add a couple of wing back chairs as well.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! They're fun little chairs! I bought them at Wier's Outlet in Dallas. Snatched them up without thinking twice:)



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