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Monday, January 16, 2012

Oh, how I love yard work!

Hope you all had a great weekend! Happy Martin Luther King Day!

This past weekend was a pretty productive weekend. Chris and I spent both days working in the yard. Not my favorite thing to do, but it was much needed. 

Before- Help me!

We opted to do-it-ourselves and put the money towards other things. It can be so easy to take the easy route and  pay someone to do the dirty work. Believe me..we were really tempted to do just that. But we soon realized, you can't hire someone to do every project you need done, or you'll eventually go broke. 

So, Chris and I dug along. He did the brunt of the digging up of previous plants, stumps, rocks, etc. on Saturday. On Sunday, we finished the job by laying down compost, pete moss, and garden soil. After a hard days work and a couple garden snakes later (2 to be exact and not tiny, ewwwww), we have a clean slate now and the front is ready for some pretty shrubbery. 

After- All ready for new plants!

Can't wait to finish this project up hopefully in the next couple weeks. Looking to add some Japanese junipers and who knows what else. Definitely want to add a Buddha or Pagoda possibly. It will be very Zen like. 

Love this look- Image via google

Japanese Junipers

Feelin Blue Deodar Cedar

Have a great week!!


  1. Good work, Allison! I, too, am getting into yard work for the first time and it's really rewarding to see your ideas take shape. Another creative outlet. Love before and after pictures! A friend shared her pictures with me this past week covering the before and after projects in her home over the last 10 years. Great way to document all the hard work and love put into your home. Look forward to more pictures. Phyllis, California

  2. Thanks Phyllis!! This blog has been such a great creative outlet for me. A way for me to really express myself, but also have great documentation to see what all we've done one day when we look back. Your yard looks great I remember. Love the backyard! Our yard was in pretty good shape, just a few minor changes. The previous owner had done an awesome job of maintaining everything. Thanks for stopping by! Look forward to sharing more with you.

  3. looking pretty good Allison, I love the home tour. I can see the love in your decorating and it will just keep getting better and better. You have a magic touch to everything you do. Those little touches that truly make a house a home. keep on sharing.



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