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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

So "Succulent"

I've been wanting to buy some succulents for a ceramic pot I bought recently. Succulents are very "hot" right now and I've heard are pretty easy to grow. You can see them at Restoration Hardware and they are gorgeous.

{Image via}

So today, I decided to try my hand at planting some succulents I picked up at Home Depot. They carry lots of varieties so I bought a few. I wanted to make sure I got enough to make my display look full. Hopefully they grow out nicely. Will be interesting to see how they do. 

{Several different varieties}

{Fill up 1/3 of dirt in pot}

Tip: Also, just a little tip I've learned when planting in containers and pots. Once you take the plant out of plastic, break up the roots real good and soak those in water. I typically dunk the roots in water for a few seconds and then place them in the dirt. Also, when planting in containers, you don't have to be afraid to plant flowers close to each other. The closer the better and I've had lots of luck with my containers doing it that way. 
{Always a good choice}


Will take additional pictures in a month or so to show you how pretty they've got (I hope).

Make it a good day!

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