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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Funky and Fun Spring Wreath

The weather has finally taken a turn for the better around here. It's been so rainy, we are finally getting some sunshine! With Spring here now, I thought it was time to dress up our front door with a fun wreath.

I had a blast making this wreath. A bit time consuming, but I love how it turned out. I wanted something funky and whimsy.... Not an easy thing to find if you want to purchase one. So I tried my hand at it and here it is! With Lea now, my taste has changed a little bit. Rather than going my traditional route, I'm having fun adding color and making things more playful.

My first step was purchasing the burlap and the wreath frame. Bought the supplies from Joann Fabrics. I ended up buying the largest wreath frame and 2 rolls of the burlap. I watched a tutorial on youtube on how to make it.

Image via

Image via

So now what??? Going into a project like this, I typically don't have a set plan on what it will look like in the end. Can be a little stressful doing it this way, but I usually manage to pull through and figure things out along the way. 

These were some fun glitter eggs I found at Target to start things off. They had a couple holes at the bottom of each egg which worked out great. I ended up using some wire to attach these to the wreath. 

Image via

Here's a list of the other pieces I found!

1. Flower Pom Stems from Hobby Lobby

2. Birds from Hobby Lobby

3. Rabbit from Dollar Tree

4. Bird nest and eggs (not shown here) from Hobby Lobby

5. Glitter Bunnies from Dollar Tree

6. Hello Spring sign from Target

I cut the flower poms off the stems and used some floral wire to attach these to the wreath. You can kinda see the method to my madness below. I twisted the wire and poked a hole into the poms and used a glue gun to make sure the wire stayed in place. 

Had to jazz up the blue eggs with some gold glitter and spray paint the birds nest to add some color!

Total cost ran me roughly $65.00. Such a fun project and something we'll be able to enjoy years to come!

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