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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Our blast from the past guest bath

It will be two years in August since we moved into our first home. We were fortunate that the house was pretty much move in ready with the exception of painting a few rooms. We've really enjoyed our home for the last couple years, but there's always been one room I've been dying to bring into the 21st century and that's our guest bath.

Take a look! I'd love to get your feelings on it. Do you love the retro pendant lighting, the green speckled tiling in the shower, the clam shell sink, or the Oriental wallpaper?? What's your favorite feature or let me guess, you love all of it and it's glory. I've lived with it 2 years and the time has finally come to slowly start saying good-bye and I couldn't be more thrilled, although I think I might miss my Oriental wallpaper.

Originally, the plan was to hire some folks to get the job done for us, but when the estimates started coming back, we had to rethink things through. I've done a lot of research looking into tiling, new sconces, mirrors, counter tops, sink faucets, wallpaper, etc. When you start adding it up, turns out a simple little redo is going to cost a couple grand or more. Not only do you have to think about your materials and new fixtures, you have to think about the labor costs for electricians and plumbers. Not cheap my friends. Again, we're talking about a simple guest bath and we're looking to do some simple updates. Nothing fancy.

So we've opted to do this baby out in phases. It wasn't feasible to do it all at once. First phase will be replacing the counter top and installing new sink fixtures. That I'll bring you next time. I have a definite vision, and I look forward to bringing you more soon. For now, if you're interested in those pendant lights, they'll be available soon. Let me know!!


  1. I think I remember that oriental wallpaper from the 80's!! Can't wait to see your imagination run wild and the the wonderful improvements yet to come. Please post new pics at every stage....

  2. Hey girl!! Thanks so much for stopping by:) Will definitely post more pics soon. It's been fun thus far.



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