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Monday, October 8, 2012

Impulse buying and the aftermath

So we're all guilty of a little impulse buying every now and then, and for me, when it comes to buying decorative accessories for the house, it's only every so often.  If I do, I usually have to have the right spot in mind for it and it really needs to speak to me. I'm not the type of person to buy just to buy, but one day last month, I did just that!! Got to love One King's Lane!!

If you haven't discovered One King's Lane yet, take a look here! It's a great site for finding furniture, bedding, accessories, art, rugs, etc. Some expensive and some inexpensive. I've bought several things from them and I haven't been disappointed yet.

A sale came up that was too good to pass up so I jumped on the opportunity to purchase a few things..just a few things really. The prices and the items were perfect for extra do-dads here and there in my kitchen or wherever. I bought not knowing where I'd put these things, and hoped I'd  be able to make them work somewhere in our home. 

Several weeks later, my order arrived and I was like a kid on Christmas morning! Pretty pathetic I know, but that's one of the great reasons I blog. Because I know so many of you out there are just like me and we can relate to one another!!!

So here are my packages! I was thinking I might have gone a little overboard when I saw these. before hubby gets home:) He might think I lost it.. 

My impulse purchases went from "Not sure where these things will go?" to "Ok..don't feel so bad for buying this."

{Cute decorative tins for $22.}

{Found a spot on my kitchen counter..adds a pop of color and a great filler.}

{Distressed pillar I had no idea what to do with, but liked for $12.}

{Looky here..made a great plant stand.}

 {Pretty botanical art set of 4 prints for $29.}

{Before was pretty bare}

 {Added much needed color}

{Looks great and  I can still open my oven}

Luckily, my impulse purchases seemed to work out for me after the fact and I found some great spots to put my new things. It's funny how you can always find a spot for something...Oh no,  If that last sentence isn't a red flag of some kind, I don't know what is.. HA HA

I would love to hear about your latest impulse buy and if it found a nice spot in your home:)

Have a wonderful week and Happy Monday!

1 comment:

  1. I get a lot of "where did all these boxes come from" these days at our house. Thankfully, I usually have a plan for most of it.
    Glad you found places for all your cute purchases. One Kings Lane can be dangerous :)



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