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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Russell Annual Crab Boil!!

I wanted to share with you our family tradition we have every year. It's the Russell Annual Crab Boil my parents host and it's always a blast. We've been doing it now for several years and always a fun time! My sister, Danielle, and her boyfriend Tim join in the festivities, and usually my nieces and nephew are there, but they didn't make it this year. My great niece, Gaby, who will turn 2 this year got to partake in the fun for the first time. We always have the neighbors, Dave and Debbie, and sometimes their kids, Victoria and Wyatt.

It's always a full house. Some past crab boils. 

{Full House}

{Chris loves that wine, as do I}

{Lots of food}

{We love to eat!}

The shindig was this past Saturday and it's always a production. Mom wanted to invite the whole world initially, but luckily we had some folks who declined last minute. She ended up being A-OK with the turn out.  Even though we like to think of it as an easy meal, it never is, and usually turns into a circus. At one point, Chris started humming the circus music and the whole family joined in.

It's a lot of preparation, but so worth it. The best time is spent with family and friends. I have a feeling the next one will be held at our place:) I think mom and dad have hosted plenty and it's time for the Chris and I to take the reins and host the next one. Bring on the family circus!!

This Year's Feast!

{Mom and my sister Danielle}

{My parents next store neighbor Dave and Chris} 

{How 'bout those chairs??}

(My great niece, Gabriella}

{Such a sweetie}

{Let's add some spice!}

{Sugar, my parents little butterball}

{Circus music playing at this point}

{Bring on the potatoes and corn}

{Tim stirring the pot of crab and shrimp}

{Umm Umm Good}

I know some of ya'll can relate to some family circus fun times!! Welcome to mine:)

Hope ya'll are having a great week!! We've had some crazy weather in Dallas today, but seems like things are now settling down. 


  1. Looks like too much fun! I love those lazy days with the family :)

  2. Can we come to the next annual crab boil???

  3. Wow, the food looked so good! I have partaken in crab boil festivities when we lived in Houston, but they used crawfish instead, I was not too wild for that. The corn and potatoes though, I was all over! I'm your newest follower. Seems like we are neighbors as well ;)



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