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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Another take on family portraits

For awhile now, I've been wanting to display some pictures of our two cats, Kitty and Murphy. With no kids right now, we love our little family. I'm such an animal lover. My dream some day would be to own some land, and have a small farm. The more animals the better. I'm talking chickens, goats, sheep, cats, and dogs. You name it, we'd have at least one or two of each.

Remember the movie, Funny Farm? A little town like that out in the boonies would be great!

So, Kitty we've had since about 2007. We took her in as a stray. She's a sweet little kitty, but don't let her small little frame fool you. She's a feral cat and most of time, not too friendly to guests. She never got big and always stayed little. Kitty, we originally called her, and the name just stuck. Fits her well.

She's our Lioness

Look at that little leg


Murphy we've had for just a couple years. We adopted him from a neighborhood shelter in Virginia while we were living there. He's so sweet and curls up to sleep next to me every night. If you haven't seen that show, Taxidermy USA on Discovery, you have to watch it once. People actually stuff their pets now. How wild is that!! I joke around with Chris that I just might have to stuff Murphy once that dreadful day comes. I know I likely won't, but I can't imagine not having him around. I just might get desperate:)


Have you ever??

Anywho, I found these great frames over the weekend at West Elm and finally printed off some pics of the cats. I use Picnik to alter images and apply different techniques to edit. I cropped each pic to really get a good shot of each cat. I think the one of Kitty is my favorite. Actually, cracks me up.

I blew them up to an 8x10 and I'm pretty excited the way they turned out. Just uploaded to Walgreens website and had them printed there the next day for a whopping $6.00.

So if your looking at a bare wall that needs something special, this would be a great option. It's definitely  something that's meaningful and will make you smile seeing it each day.

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